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Weird Niche: Fake Doctor Notes

dr noteI sure hope my assistants don't read this blog post….

Fake Doctor Notes is the topic of our Weird Niche Wednesday this week.

Now, I've never had to actually produce a doctor's note at any job that I've had, so is this normal? I guess when I had my babies, I kind of had proof (since there was a baby!) — and other than that, maybe I was really lucky but my bosses never required proof that I was out sick.

However, in high school it may have come in handy to have a better reason than Mono to give to the school secretary on my doctor's note. I grew up in a small town, and anything that came through the school office was all over school in under a minute. So, having a note that said something less ‘interesting' than Mono would have been nice to hand in.

I do, especially love the “female issues” doctor's notes. My husband was a high school teacher and that note would have shut him up pretty quickly — unless it was handed to him by a male student. 😉 In that case, he'd be marching that kid to the Dean's Office pretty quickly.

Lessons Learned from this Niche and Website.

1. As always “Problem + Solution = Opportunity”.

2. Helping people avoid embarrassment or pain = big money.

3. Total Risk Reversal for Ordering. Any time you can not only offer a guarantee, but offer to pay someone if they are unhappy, you'll most certainly increase conversion dramatically.

4. Compare with Competition. If you notice, they've put together a chart comparing them to their competition. What better way to get a sale than to PROVE that you're the best!

I do this at EasyPLR here: Compare PLR Sites: Which is Best?. Works like a charm. 🙂

5. Validation. You see the Google logo on the page and all of the other ones? Big names that you trust are now associated with this company and this product.

I do this at See all of the testimonials at the bottom?

There are several other gems that I see on this website that show me these folks know exactly what they're doing. Although it's a niche that I have never considered, nor would it be one that I would probably get into – it's a prime example of coming up with a service that people value.

Let me know what else you see on Fake Doctor Notes that you like! I'd like to see if you spot some of the other things that I did. 🙂

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  • Lisa Marie Mary

    This is too funny! I could actually see myself using this for the kids’ school – because, they demand too many doc’s notes – when the kids are just ‘too sick for school, not sick enough for the doc’s’. Drives me crazy! But we live in a small town – guess it’d be harder to pull off. Heh.
    .-= Lisa Marie Mary´s last blog ..Dude, Marriott – Seriously? =-.

  • Loretta

    I’ve never had a problem with it at work. My hubby needs a doc note if he’s out more than 5 business days (which if he is, he generally HAS a doctor note) but the kids miss 2 days consecutively then on the the 3rd day they need a doctor note! Two of my boys have asthma, so the simplest cold for most kids can turn into a 4 – 6 day absence for them. They don’t NEED to go to the doctor every time, they’re just exhausted and need to rest. So, yeah, sure, I’ll take some fake doctor notes!
    .-= Loretta´s last blog ..5 Tasks that a Busy Blogger Can Outsource, Pt. 2 =-.

  • Leigha


    I am LMAO! Just goes to show that where there is a need, there is a market and a product to provide whatever it is that’s needed. IM at it’s best?
    .-= Leigha´s last blog ..Top 3 Most Requested Gifts for the Football Fan. =-.

  • Andrea

    funny! your weird niche segment is starting to become one of my favorites to read on the web.. how in the world did you find these sites? fake doctor notes – priceless hahaha… i’m glad i came across your site because i truly enjoyed my time in here… be sure to check back for more!

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