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Chaos, Clutter, Lost Time and Disorganization END NOW!

Happy Belated Mother's Day, ! I hope that yesterday, you were celebrated for being the wonderful mother you are.

Yesterday, we celebrated Mother's Day at a Crawfish Festival. My son and daughter even got to race in the NasCraw Races. They loved it! Neither of their crawfish won first place, but they were laughing so hard that they didn't care!

In this issue:
Time and Organization
Changing your Life, One baby step at a time.

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Nicole Dean, owner

Time & Organization
As you know my goal right now is to tackle the chaos that is my life. My lack of organization and lack of time management are out of control.

But, I've got to tell you that I am so psyched! Kristine Miller of An Organized Life generously provided her $29.95 teleseminar free to all MomsMasterminds members this month. It was awesome! I need to listen to it a few more times to absorb everything. From planning to setting goals to clutter — it was all covered, including worksheets. Be sure to check out Kristine's site An Organized Life and definitely sign up for her free newsletter on the main page while you're there.

And, of course, if your online business needs a huge boost, join MomsMasterminds — and you'll get the $29.95 teleseminar free (as well as a home business tax course, press release course, search engine optimization course and more)!!

Changing your life, one baby step at at time – by Louann Cormier
We all know running a business, homes, families and more are a challenge and a balancing act. No one got good at this overnight. It is all about baby steps! I challenge you to find one thing that you do (or don't do) and change it this month. For example, do you have a habit of…

…getting the mail and leaving it in a pile by the front door…then this month make it a new habit to sort it before you put it down. Throw out the junk, put the bills in their place, put the magazines in the magazine bin.

…running around each night trying to figure out what is for dinner?…then make it a new habit to plan your meals each week.

…leaving dishes in the sink…then make it a new habit to wash them or put them in the dishwasher right away.

The same thing applies to your business. Do you have a habit of
……writing your ideas/phone numbers/contact info/orders on scrap pieces of paper?…then make it a new habit of putting them all in a notebook
….throwing receipts into a pile to deal with later?…then make it a new habit of filing them each day.

Whatever the bad habits are, you CAN CHANGE! Just don't try to tackle EVERYTHING! Just pick ONE habit that you want to change and do it everyday for the next 30 days. I promise you that next month, it will become routine! Then next month pick a new habit to adapt. It's all about BABY STEPS.

Louann Cormier

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