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ShowMomTheMoney Network Update.

Here's a copy of the email I sent to all the Ryze Members of the ShowMomTheMoney network on Ryze.

If you haven't been to the network lately, here's what you're missing…

  • Questions are being answered and archived. The questions about booking parties and making more sales have been submitted to my Expert Friends and their responses can be found on this page.
  • Networking? How do you do it? Where do you start? Louann from Megan's Pantry wrote us a great article that I've published on this page …
  • KC has teamed up the “Shape Up” Motivational Buddies, but we have room for more. If you need a partner to kick your butt into swimsuit season, post to KC on the board and she'll pair you up with someone you can work with.

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~~ Your Questions Will Help Other WAHMs ~~You can help other WAHMs by asking your biggest questions about achieving success in Business (online or offline), Family or Life. If you have the question, chances are the response will help others too! Write or call in your questions … (214) 231-2905 x4487 If I can't answer it, I'll find someone who can. 🙂

~~~ Pay It Forward by Telling a Friend! ~~The name Jonathan Archie is spreading like wildfire. This adorable boy needs a liver. His name was removed from the transplant list due to insurance problems so his family has no choice but to raise the funds themselves. If you can give a dollar or more to help save this boy's life, please do. If you can't afford to give any money, please let others know so this family can raise the money they need — grab the banner or spread the word in your newsletter.

~~~ Save Money at ShowMomTheMoney ~~I've added a bunch more articles about saving money on the site. Whether it is meals, family time, or romance, you can always keep a few extra dollars in your pocket. Check it out and tell a friend!

I'll see you on the network!

PS. Would you like your banner in rotation on over 100 pages of ShowMomTheMoney — featuring the pages that are targeted towards moms who may not yet be in business? Check out my new advertising option.

PS – again. If you found this information to be fun & helpful, feel free to forward this to a friend, or invite them to join our network. 😀

I appreciate shares and I adore comments! Please share your thoughts.

  • Insurance Guy

    That’s really nice that you you went to the effort to help raise funds for Johnathon. I think the internet is a great tool for helping those who are sick as well as those who are hungry.

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