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Being the Best YOU Possible.

Today, after a great Sunday Sermon at Church, my thoughts are focused on being the best ME I can possibly be.

The focus of my site is Success in Business, Family & Life, and I feel that “Success” should be defined as being the best YOU that you can be.

What defines Success for you? Is it bringing in money to help your family meet their basic needs? Raising children who become responsible, happy adults? Is it making a difference in the world through charitable work? Is it living your life to the fullest and loving the people around you?

Oftentimes, that list of dreams and goals is set aside and eventually lost under stacks of homework, bills, business notes, recipes, and snack wrappers.

It's a new year. Reassess what YOU want to do with your year. How will 2005 be special for you? Will you strive to work harder? Play harder? Give more? Or be better to yourself?

I know I'm looking forward to being the best ME possible in 2005.
Have a great week!

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