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[Case Study] How to Grow your Lists with PLR Content


I love creating Case Studies from what works. I learn a lot from them and I like sharing my smart friends with you.

A lot of my readers wonder what you can do with done-for-you content and PLR to actually grow your lists.

Here is a great case study of someone who took one of the PLR reports she bought and turned it into a great list builder.

My coaching client, Angela Wills, bought the “Vision Board Fun: Manifest Your Dream Business and Life”  done-for-you report from and turned it into this:

-> FREE Vision Board Workshop (check it out)

How exactly did she do it? Here's how:

Angela Wills is a Smart Cookie!
Angela Wills is a Smart Cookie!

1. She bought the original done-for-you / PLR package.
You can still buy rights to it here too. It comes with a report and a printable.

2. Angela updated those documents a bit, branded them to her business, and turned them into pdfs.
This is super easy to do yourself, or you can get your favorite teen to do it, or hire someone. Heck, you can even find someone on Fiverr.

3. She set up a new list for the workshop.
You only need an autoresponder like Aweber. This is about growing your lists, so don't panic or wait to do this until you have the “perfect” shopping cart. First, it doesn't exist. Second, you can start by growing a relationship and promoting affiliate offers to your people until you create your own products.

4. Next she set up the webinar that she is inviting people to sign up for.
This does not have to be fancy. You could just do a Google Hangout or even Facebook live. Or… if you don't want to be the expert, just find someone to interview. That's all you need. In fact, if you're creating a funnel that you're going to be promoting heavily and it's something that I'm an expert in, contact me with the questions and we can possibly set up a time to record in advance. 🙂

5. She started a Facebook group for the vision board workshop members to build her tribe.
This step takes about 5 minutes to set up. It's pretty easy.

6. Then she started to promote. (This is the FUN part!!! Promoting.) She…

  • Emailed her lists
  • Blogged about the workshop
  • Shared both the workshop link and the blog posts about the workshop on social media (all channels)
  • Invited her affiliates to promote the workshop
  • Created an affiliate contest to get affiliates excited
  • I'm also encouraging her to set up a Facebook event and run sponsored posts for the workshop as well so she'll be doing that, too.

Once the live workshop is over in a few days, she will turn this into an evergreen funnel that she can promote forever with a little updating and it will continue to grow her lists. Sweet right? 🙂

But how will this be profitable for her, you ask? 

1. She's growing her list which in itself is valuable.
2. She can promote affiliate offers to them. We're brainstorming these together.
3. She's inviting all of the people on her lists to join her Laptop Lifestyle Business Club and will be telling them about her other low cost workshops.


Where do you get PLR like this that you can use to grow your lists?

Here are some of my favorite places to get quality PLR.

If you would like to have access to pick my brain too, there are a few ways to do just that. 

1. Private, Confidential, One-on-One Coaching with Me.
I only work with up to 5 people at a time, and I love my coaching clients. You can see who I work with and get an idea if you're a good fit here.

2. Beachpreneurs Beach House.
If you're a female entrepreneur, consider joining me at the beach for our 7th mastermind retreat. 🙂 Bold breakthroughs happen at the beach.

3. Beachpreneurs Beach Cottage.
Kelly McCausey and I host very intimate beach cottage events where it's just the two of us, one virtual assistant, and up to 3 guests (perhaps you). We work on and in your business at the beach. 🙂 If you're interested in that, you can contact Kelly to ask questions.

The two biggest mistakes that people make who buy “done for you” content or PLR content are:

1. Not using it.
2. Not changing it to make it special.

Angela did everything right here. I hope you'll check out her new program.

Warmly and with big hugs,

PS. Don't forget to sign up for Angela's FREE Vision Board Workshop so you can start planning for an awesome 2017. Angela is a warm, smart, caring teacher and you'll love her.

I appreciate shares and I adore comments! Please share your thoughts.

  • Harry Uppal

    Hi Nicole,
    It is really a good post to read. you have mentioned of important things.
    So, thanks for the share.

  • Bo

    Really good post. Gave me lots of ideas. I’m a little stuck on the ’email your lists’ part; I don’t have a list/following…..
    Any checklists on how to grow your list from 0?

    • Nicole

      Hey Bo! Good to see you here.

      You’ve got step 1 which is to have an offer on your site. So that’s great. 🙂

      Now the next part is to get lots of people to see the sign up and to start communicating with those that sign up. Even if it’s only 3 people, pretend it’s 3000.

      Hugs and I look forward to seeing you in Daytona for Beachpreneurs Beach Camp.


  • Tammy Lorette

    Angela is a VERY smart cookie! She is my coach and I have been with her and part of her Laptop Lifestyle Business Club for a year now and have learned sooooo much from her.

    Great post Nicole!!

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