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Weird Niche: Custom Fortune Cookies

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fortune-cookieThis is totally cool. This week’s Weird Niche Wednesday is all about Fortune Cookies.

I found Custom Fortune Cookies one day while searching for some SEO tips. In fact, I don’t even recall how I found them. Once, I did, though, I was totally hooked.

Basically, they’ll put any message inside their fortune cookies. They do a great job of showing people WHAT to order and WHY to order on their website, answering most questions that I had before I had to contact them to ask.

For instance, they teach their website visitors WHY they need to order.


And, they even provide ideas of what to put inside the cookies as far as quotes and appropriate sayings.

Then, they have an “idea blog” where they list additional ideas.

Talk about teaching your customers how to order and making it easy for them. I’d imagine the one obstacle that people have when placing an order would be much like ordering a wedding invitation — too many decisions to make during the ordering process. So here they walk the customer through by the hand. It’s very very well done.

In fact, I could easily do an entire assessment of this website over a week-long series, they’ve done so many things right.

There’s a guarantee. They list their celebrity clients. They have best-sellers to guide people to ordering what other people have liked. Customer service live chat, phone, and email options. Wow. They’re done a lot of things right on this website.

Lesson of the day–

A “regular” niche + customization + a streamlined warm ordering process = COOLNESS


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