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Leonie Dawson is in the HOUSE!

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I’ve got another amazing entrepreneur to share with you today. Leonie Dawson asked ME if I would interview her and I was like “uhhhhh… HELL YES!” 🙂 I’m a big fan.

leonie-withnameWho is Leonie?

  • CEO. Author. Artist. Creative. Blogger. Hugger. Mama.
  • From her beautiful accent you’ll discover she’s Australian, too.
  • Street Cred? She’s got it in spades. For instance, she’s created a business that has generated millions in revenue.
  • And she makes the world a better place.

Some of the things we talked about on the call included:

  • One simple thing that’s different between six figure earners, millionaires, and billionaires. (Remember, success leaves clues. Follow this one.)
  • Why her planners are so powerful and popular. (One word. Results.)
  • For entrepreneurs, why we should care about the life planner. (Warning. She gets a the soapbox here, and rightfully so.)
  • What if we’re too busy to sit down and plan? (Major butt-kicking here!)
  • Why success is so important to Leonie. Hint. It’s because she can make the world a better place on a bigger scale. (We both cried a little at the end.)

You can click here to check out her “Create Your Shining Year in Biz and Life” planners!
(Link will open in a new window so it won’t interrupt you while you listen.)

Step 1. Listen to the interview here:


Step 2. OMG. Check out her Planners. Like Seriously. speechbubbles

I love this planner, and it works really well to plan out not only what next year will look like for your business, and also what you want your life to look like too.

Learn more about the “Create Your Shining Year in Biz and Life” planners here.

It’s really great if you want to do a lot of visualization and planning for 2016 – and especially if you’re creative and want to have a keepsake to look back on at the end of the year when you go “LOOK AT HOW I ROCKED IT! I’M AWESOME!!!”

Here’s a sneak peek at the “Shining Life” Table Of Contents:


This gets a big recommendation from me.


Click here to get your “Create Your Shining Year in Biz and Life” planners!

Step Three. Resources from the Call. 

Be sure to check out these resources mentioned on the call, too.

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Thanks again for being part of my business and my day. I’m looking forward to hearing what you learned and will apply from this interview.

Warmly and with Big Hugs,
Nicole Dean

PS. YOU are awesome and I appreciate you so very much. 

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