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Automating the Article Submission Process

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A question I get often is “How can I speed up the article submission process?”

Here are some options to automate and outsource your article submissions.

Online Article Submission Service:
There are several online services that you can pay to automaticallysubmit your articles to publishers and directories in seconds.These services offer options where you can pay by the article or bythe month. There is a huge range in prices, varying from $1 perarticle to over $100 per article, so shop around.

After shopping around much, I found isnare last year and absolutely love it!
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Article Submission Software:
If you'd prefer to submit and manage all your articles on your own computer, there are a few pieces of software that you can purchase to assist you in speeding up your article submissions. These software options range in price and quality as well, so definitely research your options before committing to a large investment.

For reviews of the Article Submission Options, click here.

I hope this information helps. Please keep the questions coming.

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  • Anonymous

    Duplicate content, web scraping auto bots, article generation software and article spinning. It seems every scaremonger and opportunist has jumped on the article writing band wagon. I still feel that article writing and article marketing are in their infancy – there is much more benefit to be derived from article writing. None of my web sites have suffered from the alleged, duplicate content filter or penalty – very much the opposite. The Article Marketing blog is on course to become the number one source of information on article writing and marketing.

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