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True or False? Money is Evil.

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Unlike most days, I have been sitting here trying to find something inspiring to share without much luck.

I wanted something that'll make a difference in your life.

And, finally BAM! It came to me.

One of my favorite presenters at NAMS gave a talk about money… about how so many of us have issues with it and have baggage and guilt about wanting to have more of it.

Even my own husband had views of wealthy people being evil.

Me? Personally I love money and want oodles of it, but I'm weird. 😉

ray-edwardsAnyway, it reminded me of a talk by Ray Edwards when he said

“The best way to help poor people is to NOT be one!”

Now taken out of context that could sound bad, but it's not.

He was giving YOU permission to prosper. And, encouraging us entrepreneurs to make lots of money so we can make the world a better place.

I found another version of that same talk and I'd like to  share it with you. You can listen totally free here: Permission to Prosper

Ray is unapologetically Christian, and that transparency is appealing to me. If it's not your thing, I still suggest you listen. The message is one that so many of us need to hear.

Lots of warm, intelligent, good people like Ray come to NAMS.  I hope you'll consider attending in the fall. There's still  a $300 off discount –

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Have a fantastic day! You deserve it.

Warmly and with Big Hugs,
Nicole Dean

PS. You Rock! 🙂

I appreciate shares and I adore comments! Please share your thoughts.

  • willie robertson

    Hi Nicole,

    My story is this…

    I was raised in a “Christian Home” and I remember having the feeling in my church, at that time, that money was evil… After all, all I ever heard was, “money is the root of all evil.”

    They always seemed to forget and leave out the word, LOVE… “the love of money is the root of all evil.”

    You can be broke and love money and pursue it wrongly AND for all the wrong reason’s.

    I often wondered, okay Pastor and Deacons, if money is bad, why then tell me to Tithe? And also in the same breathe say, God will open the windows of heaven and bless me if I tithe. Say what? (Totally confused.)

    Then on another note, many in my church thought having or pursuing money was a bad thing YET, when it came to giving to God’s work, they were some of the stingiest, tight fisted, holding onto their money folk I’d ever seen. LOL…

    Thank God I got free.

    I now know that God want’s me to proper, so that I cannot only be blessed and fully supplied myself, but so that I can also be a blessing to others.

    I, being so grateful to God for his blessings, have been a tither since my youth, (I’m 56 now) and have seen tremendous blessing because of it.

    I pursue money and having an abundant supply of it so as to be a blessing to God’s work and to other’s.

    I heard someone say, “money and having some might not be everything, but I’d have to rank it right up there with oxygen.”

    Thanks for sharing this.

  • Marya Miller

    Hi Nicole,

    Laughed my head off at : “The best way to help poor people is NOT to be one!”

    I’m laughing – but only because it’s so true. If that single point alone doesn’t take residual guilt away, nothing will!


  • Kelly McCausey

    I loved Ray’s message at NAMS and I loved the podcast too.

    Money isn’t evil, but it people will often do evil to get their hands on it.

    I have had serious hang ups about money in the past.

    When I was young I often felt someone trying to control me with expensive gifts so I rejected their value. I still have no interest in how much something costs and far more value the sentiment of a gift – BUT: I had to drop the feeling that having money made someone bad/controlling.

    Later I had someone make me feel bad for any penny I spent – always making me feel like I had to justify every common need.

    For a long time I was SO broke I couldn’t pay attention and had to learn to accept help from others without feeling like a total LOSER.

    For several years I self sabotaged myself financially – probably to keep from having to be responsible for having more. Now I’m determined to put that crap in the past.

    Money can be a serious head trip! Whatever relationships and experiences in the past or present that muddy up how you feel about money – make a real effort to get over it. It’s the only way to build a healthy financial future 🙂

  • Michelle Williams

    Amen, Willie Robertson! Show ya right!

  • Mark

    Hi Nicole!

    Found your totally excellent blog while reading another top online contributors blog!
    You left a rather interesting comment, saw your link, so I wanted to stop by and check things out further!

    You and I must both be weird! Because like you, I too am for having the opportunities to make plenty of it!

    But as far as personally answering your question.

    There is absolutely nothing evil about being in the position to help and serve others financially! So rock on!

    And let’s both continue to add value! And I’ll help spread you message! Good job!

  • Augustus

    Not having money is the root of evil, because then, you become desperate and vulnerable to do whatever it takes to meet up with your colleague. lol… I just can’t understand why the bible call money the root of all evil though.

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