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LeadPages Demo & Examples

I am using a new tool to grow my business and I love it and I think you will, too.

My business partner, Melissa Ingold, and I have been using a new tool called LeadPages for a few months. We've been playing with it to see if it's something we want to recommend.

We do! 🙂

What does it do?

LeadPages allows you to quickly and easily create beautiful:

  • Squeeze Pages (Optin pages)
  • Webinar signup pages
  • Sales Pages
  • Facebook Optin Pages
  • and bunches more.

Melissa shares why she likes it in this video:

-> Click here to try LeadPages.

How Does LeadPages Work?

Here is her demo:

 Click here to learn more about LeadPages.

Want to See an Example of an Optin Page?


Click on the image above or this link to see it in action.

How About an Example of a Lead Page Posted on Facebook?

You can see a sample of one that I've done and posted on Facebook (which was SUPER easy):


Click here to see this page live.

LeadPages Tutorial: How to Create Facebook Optin Forms like the one above

Here's how easy it is to do what I did:

-> You can find more info about LeadPages here.

How about a Sales Page? Yep. It does that, too.

Example of a Sales Page Created with LeadPages:


You can view this page live here.

Interested in learning more and maybe trying it out?


You'll find more demos and you can try LeadPages here.

Nicole Dean

I appreciate shares and I adore comments! Please share your thoughts.

  • JR

    Darn it, I could have used this last week, as I am launching a new product and had to make a sales page from scratch in HTML editor on my server. THAT was fun 🙁

    It looks fantastic and easy to use, also, went over to their site and the 50% off when paid yearly is nice.

  • Jaime

    Wow, very nice tool, I´m familar with unbounce but this designs are better, we will try it. We hope all improve your leads and sells!
    Thank you Nicole

  • Stephanie

    Hi Nicole,

    I’ve just started using Lead Pages in the last week or so and can definitely recommend it – I’m far from an expert on it at the moment but love my experience of using it so far!

  • Tony Matos

    Hi Nicole,

    I haven’t yet use LeadPages but I’m hearing a lot buzz out their and is been good so far.

    Nicole I did enjoy the videos on this topic. You always provide great information and I love hearing your ideas and reviews.

    So Nicole thanks again and have a nice day.


  • Shaun Ross

    Very interesting videos, I’ve always maintained that a will presented lead and sales page will ultimately attract more subscribers and future customers to your website. Very good food for thought.
    Shaun. 🙂

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