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Kelly McCausey – WAHM Talk Radio

Meet Kelly McCausey, another one of my favorite Work at Home Moms.

Kelly, tell us about your businesses.

I host Work at Home Moms Talk Radio which launched in November 2003.

In addition to the show, I also

* mentor Work at Home Moms in building successful online businesses
* publish a print mini mag for WAHMs
* host teleseminars
* create information products.

Tell us about your products. I'm familiar with all of them (since I'm one of your biggest cheerleaders, but let's tell everyone else about them).

Mom Masterminds!
Shoestring Radio is my audio course for those interested in starting their own internet radio show.
Easy Article Marketing (you know!) – (Kelly and I did this project together!)
What are some products or resources you can't live without in your business (or have helped you the most)?

Alice Seba, Aweber & my web host! LOL!

What's your best advice for someone just starting out in online business (getting traffic, article marketing, networking, etc.)

Start doing something – don't wait for perfection. You will learn by doing more than anything else.

What is your number one question about online business, getting traffic, networking, affiliate programs or article marketing?

My number one question? Shoot – that's easy. Why is it so hard to please BOTH Google and Yahoo? ROFL!

Don't I know it, Kelly! lol.

Grab Kelly's wonderful articles for your website or blog here –
Free Reprint Articles by Kelly McCausey

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