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Having a JOB sucks!

My friend Kristie T pointed me to a USAToday blog post entitled “Having a Job Sucks”. The post was about being an entrepreneur vs. having a job.

I agree that having your own business is 100 times better than a Job. Oftentimes, people get trapped working for an hourly wage and don't even see the option of starting a business.

In my opinion, the best time to follow your Entrepreneurial spirit is when you're a teen.

Here are some ideas for your teen to start his own business –

And, for adults, of course, you can visit

What do you think?

Is having a job a trap?
Is being an Entrepreneur overrated?
Do you agree that a child can start a business or do you think it's important to learn to work for others before you work for yourself?

I'd love to hear your opinion.

I appreciate shares and I adore comments! Please share your thoughts.

  • Kai

    I actually learned a lot when I worked for a big supermarket chain. I learned paperwork and following a papertrail was a must, as was being able to show said papertrail worked.
    I also learned that there was more to management skills than yelling, and that innovation only worked if everyone understood where you were coming from.
    Teamwork was only such when everyone was getting *something* from it – and a lot besides.

    Being an entrepreneur is definatly not what people believe. I can’t really pinpoint one area that people that know I work from home have it right. Most of all I think its hard to get people to understand that work is exactly that, and that ‘working from home’ is more ‘work’ than ‘home’.
    I think a child CAN – but like I said, I picked up some skills working with others that I don’t think I’d have learned any other way.

  • Nell

    Is having a job a trap?

    For me, yes. But I do know that owning your own business isn’t for everyone. Some people really like to work for someone else.

    Is being an Entrepreneur overrated?

    Heck I don’t know. I don’t think so in my situation, but others might feel different.

    Do you agree that a child can start a business or do you think it’s important to learn to work for others before you work for yourself?

    Some people were just born to be their own boss so I don’t think you NEED to work a job before you start a business. Some people have no desire to own a business and would rather work a job. I think it’s important to give them both options and encourage and support them whatever way they decide to go.

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