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Online Success Cast #2: Vera Raposo

Vera is a fighter. Not in the sense that she's violent or anything. 😉 But, she is TOUGH. Seriously.

Let me tell you a little about my friend. Actually, I'll share her bio with you for starters so you can see why she's on the Success-Cast.

Vera Raposo has been an entrepreneur since age 22, literally negotiating a lease for her first retail store in 1997, which then also began her online business with eBay.

By Summer of 2000, her stores grew to 5 retail locations in Vancouver, British Columbia. By the age of 29 she re-evaluated her life, and literally sold & closed all store locations.

Since January of 2003 Vera has developed marketing plans for her own online business and has landed inside books and magazines for her hobby of scrapbooking.

“I’ve never ever believed in the word can’t. I have always had big dreams for myself and my family which has caused me to strive for excellence in everything.”

Vera went on to consult with local retail business owners about adding online business to their offline business plans.

Today I also host an enthusiasts podcast called Scrappers Talk Radio. All proceeds from my podcast are donated to Mercy Ministries.

I am living out an entrepreneurs dream having successfully turned business into a venture that’s completely online.

Also, please put Vera's daughter on your family's or church's prayer list – her name is spelled Tori Raposo. Thank you!

Vera's Websites:

Resources & People Mentioned in this Call:

NOTE: Remember how I said that “poop happens” and you just gotta laugh? Well, in the middle of this interview, Vera's phone cuts out and she has to RUN and get another one. Did I cut it out and edit it to sound pretty? NOPE. Because this show is about being REAL. And, in real life, you just keep on truckin'.

Take a listen and leave me a comment below about your thoughts and/or who you'd like to hear as a guest in a future episode.

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