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Online Success Cast #1: Nicole Dean

Welcome to the Online Success Cast!

It's one thing to teach moms how to work from home and how to grow a profitable business from home but I find that too many moms get stuck in the idea phase. They really want to make this work but are paralyzed with fear or uncertainty, which prevents them from taking that leap.

In this podcast you will certainly learn new things about running a business and strategies for making it grow. But most importantly, you will hear first hand from people who have become successful but who all started out right where you are now… unsure of their potential and unable to take that first step.

I decided that I should be my very first guest so I asked my mom to interview me. I figured I should be on the hot seat before making my other guests sit there 😉

First Guest? ME!

So in this interview you'll learn how I got my start as an online entrepreneur, the top 3 things that have helped my business grow, the top 3 resources I can't live without and who my mentors are! And that's just in the first half of the show…

Take a listen and leave me a comment below about who you'd like to hear as a guest. And remember, it's wonderful to have a business plan but it takes ACTION to make it leap off the paper and become a reality.

Resources & People Mentioned in this Call:

  • – a Networking group where I met many of my current business friends.
  • – My autoresponder.
  • Jimmy D. Brown – My mentor and friend.
  • – Where I teach Virtual Assistants, Ghostwriters, and other Service Professionals my 2-pronged approach.
  • – Allows me to travel and keep up with business.

PS. If you can make a phone call, you can have a radio show like mine: Click to learn  How to Record Telephone Interviews like I do.


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