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What’s your Biggest Frustration with Kindle Publishing?

Publishing on Kindle is one of the topics my readers seem to be most interested in these days.

In order to best serve you – and to figure out where your roadblocks are, please take 5 seconds to click on the option that applies to you.

I will hunt down experts who can help and drill them to spill their secrets – but I've got to know where you're struggling first.

I'm not going to ask for your name or email address, simply because I want totally honest answers. (And, yes, of course, the trends will be shared with my readers in a few days.)

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  • Tina

    Dear Nicole,
    my basic problem is for getting the correct format for Kindle, I have some content to publish but the problem are that I don’t have any idea how to start with the formats… Well I will start to read information about it.

    Great blog to much to read and learn! Thank you

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