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Online Success Cast #29: Karon Thackston

onlinesuccesscast-smWelcome to another episode of the Online Business Success Cast.

This week, I have Karon Thackston, with me.

The audio recording of our interview is in this blog post. Just look for the “play” button and listen. It’s free! Also, be sure to check out all of the resources listed below.

If you’re not familiar with Karon yet, learn more here:

Karon Thackston is President of Marketing Words, a full-service copywriting agency specializing in conversion-oriented, search engine copywriting. Since 1999, she has authored several books/courses including the popular “Step-by-Step Copywriting Course” (6th Edition), “Writing With Keywords” (5th edition) and four ebooks for the Wordtracker Masterclass series including “Ecommerce Copywriting”, “Article Marketing,” “Easy Keyword Optimization” and “Profit-Pulling PPC Ads.”

She has contributed to the search engine and sales success of companies including Gorton's Seafood, American Boating Association, and more.

Find Karon on the web at Marketing Words.

Step 1: Check out these Essential Tools and Resources for Online Business Success Mentioned in this Show:

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Tools Mentioned:

In the interview, Karon also mentions.

  • NAMS Workshop in Atlanta – come hang out with us
  • The Frito Bandito – her childhood inspiration


Step 2: Enjoy the Interview.

Be sure to listen to the entire interview.

I apologize in advance, as there was some feedback around minutes 6-11 only when I talked, but we fixed it for the rest of the call.


Prefer to Read?

If you prefer to read the interview, it is available on Kindle.


Step 3: Learn More from Karon.

Head over here to check out more from Karon: Step-by-Step Copywriting Course (use coupon “Nicole100” to save $100 on her copywriting course)

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Head over here to check out more from Karon:
Step-by-Step Copywriting Course
(use coupon “Nicole100” to save $100 on her copywriting course)

Thanks again for being part of my business and my day. I'm looking forward to hearing what you learned and will apply from this interview.

Nicole Dean

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These are some quotes from this interview:



nicole-dean-wide nicole-dean-wide-1 nicole-dean

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  • Debbie

    Thanks for the great interview Nicole! I’m a newbie to internet marketing so all the information can be a bit overwhelming but Karon makes it all so relevant that I can’t help but eat it up!
    I prefer the written word because it cuts down on the amount of notes I have to take with audios, so thank you for making that option available; all I had to do was open my kindle cloud and downloaded the book/interview (for free).
    And I have to thank you so much for your excellent blog and all the resources (both free and paid) that you recommend. Your name in my inbox has become synonymous with quality content and I always look forward to your emails!

  • Donna Blevins

    Can hardly wait to listen to this interview, Nicole, but I wanted to tell you what a great ah-hah I just had that you triggered => the transcript on Kindle! Well, duh! that is brilliant, and I had seen it before, but the magnitude of the marketing effect just hit me full force.

    Sometimes, I think I ought to have a bald spot on my forehead from smacking myself saying, “That’s a great idea!”

  • Savvy Subcontracting

    Thank you so much for bringing these back. Learning from other people’s stories is huge for me. I’d like to share the tool that compliments paypal like a merchant account.

  • Sandy

    Hi Nic, really enjoyed this interview and was really interested that Karon starts with figuring out how to speak to your audience. Looking forward to getting into her course!

  • Chris

    As a newbie blogger I love to learn from successful people and their stories! I hope that some day people can learn from me 🙂

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