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How to Never Have a Bad Day Again. Interview with Rachel Rofe

Hi! I hope you're having a wonderful day.

bad-dayIf you're NOT having a good day, then I have the coolest thing for you.

My friend Rachel Rofe just wrote a very interesting guide called “Never Have a Bad Day Again“.

When I first heard about it, I thought “oh airy fairy stuff” and wasn't really interested. But then I read the sales page and thought that for under 10 bucks, I'd support my friend and maybe learn a thing or two.

I bought the course, started reading and literally had tears running down my face in minutes. And not from laughing.

You might look at Rachel and think “Of course she's never had a bad day, just look at her. She smart, pretty, thin, funny, financially stable and travels the world. Why should she ever have a bad day?”

Well, her past is, for lack of better word, ugly.

Cold, hard, and ugly.

And, yet, she is the epitome of joy – even when things go wrong, and they do.

After reading her course, I now see how she does it.

I had the chance to look at the world through Rachel's eyes – and I like it.

You can too: Click here to grab your copy of “Never Have a Bad Day”.

Her course is quick to go through, has several fun exercises where you choose how to react to different scenarios, like getting honked at rudely, finding out you owe a huge bill, and having your car break down – and see how you could face these situations with grace and joy.

I asked Rachel a few questions and she was kind enough to reply. You can read that short interview below.

Nik: Rachel, what do you say to people who say “Of course you're happy, just look at you. You're pretty, you're thin, you travel, and you're successful financially. I'm not like you.”

rachelRachel: Thin? That's a stretch. lol 😉

But seriously, everyone has a story. Everyone has dealt with hardships. Nobody has a ‘perfect' life.

I've definitely dealt with my share of things. In 2012 alone, I was married, annulled 7 months later, moved several times, broke up with my business partner, had major health challenges, and a slew of other unpleasant things. All in the course of a year.

So the same things happen to me, I just choose to look at everything as an opportunity. I think, “Why did this happen for my highest good? What's the blessing here?”

I'm sure you've heard countless times about people seeing things as blessings in disguises later on. So I just look for what the blessing is in the moment.

Even if someone doesn't want to do that, my boyfriend has really good advice: “Deal with it or don't let it bother you.”

rachel-rofe-power-of-choosingTo me, that only makes sense. We have the power of choosing how we want to respond to things… why not choose the most empowering perspective?

And as a side note, sometimes I feel like the people with the biggest hardships almost have it easier in making change. They have more of a reason to change things, more “oomph” in their reservoir with which to pull from.

Nik: What inspired you to create this course?

Rachel: There are a few reasons.

First of all, kind of tying into #1, I feel I went through a lot of hardship partly so I could persevere and hopefully inspire people to see that you can get through anything.

Mostly, I just feel really fired up when I can help people improve their lives.

I feel like I came to this planet to help people realize they have a CHOICE in life, to really show people you can make your life whatever you want.

Nik:  Can you tell me about a recent time when something went really wrong and how you made sure that it didn't ruin your day.

Rachel: As you know, “bad” things are always going to happen. It's just a matter of choosing how you're going to respond to it.

So for example, last night on the plane I spent a few hours working on a sales letter for something I wanted to launch today. I was SO HAPPY with it, hit “update” for the millionth time (I hit “update” obsessively), and my entire letter literally went missing. I couldn't find it in the WordPress revisions at all.


The first time I write something is when all the inspiration comes. Writing a second time is like trudging in mud.

In fact, I was so bothered for a few minutes that I posted about it on Facebook, which is something I ordinarily don't do.

The beauty of my posting on Facebook was that a ton of people (including you, Nicole… thank you so much!) tried to help me retrieve it. That post got 150+ comments.

So while I still haven't been able to retrieve the sales letter (though someone's looking at it), I asked myself, what can I be grateful for here?

I came up with quite a few things:

  • I was lucky so many people wanted to support me.
  • The sales letter took a few hours, not a few days, so that was a plus. (I've had my laptop stolen too ;))
  • I didn't need the sales letter from an income perspective, so that gave me a chance to appreciate my financial situation.
  • I also chose to think that maybe my second version would be even better somehow.

So I did get upset at first. I think that's important, to feel your feelings.

rachel-rofe-ruined-dayI think it's also important to not let one bad thing happen, then decide your day is ‘ruined', and look for (or create) other bad things to prove your point for the rest of the day.

When you focus on goodness, you find more goodness. The same is true in reverse.

Nik: Why should ALL of my readers who are in online business read your course?

Rachel: The challenge in answering this question is to limit myself to a few answers. I could go on and on and on…

First of all, do any of your readers enjoy having bad days? I'd imagine not :), and I really feel like if people go through this course and really implement it, they can literally not have bad days again.

I think the Choose Your Adventure exercises in the course really help with the power of perspective.

Besides that, it's pretty impossible to succeed online if you have an attitude where things can take down your energy levels (even if you're justified in getting upset). This course helps you operate from a place of empowerment.

The tools, if implemented, could definitely help someone take their business to a higher level… free up things they don't enjoy in their lives… and just make them happier.

I put a lot of my heart into this and really feel it's a solid value for anyone interested in improving their life in a TANGIBLE way.


Click Here to Learn How to Never Have a Bad Day Again

One more thing, I asked Rachel if I could include a excerpt from her course and she generously agreed.

This is one part that I enjoyed:

Here are a few techniques you can use to lift yourself out of a fog:

1.) The movie screen technique.

If you’re ever feeling bogged down about a situation… like you just can’t get “out” of it…

And you sure as heck can’t see why it’s happening for your highest good…

Then I want you to mentally step “out” of it.

Here’s how it works: Imagine a big movie screen outside of your head. You can see the movie screen, and you’re in it, but you’re looking at it as an observer.

Put whatever situation you’re going through onto the movie screen. See everything you’re seeing now, but from an outsider’s perspective – not as you.

Look at it like you’re somebody who has nothing to do with the situation.  You’re not involved in the situation; it’s just on the movie screen.

As an outsider, what would you say about this?

– Excerpt “Never Have a Bad Day Again” by Rachel Rofe.

I hope you've enjoyed this and it's brightened your day.

So, what about you?

What do you do to get out of a funk? I would love to hear what you have to say.

Nicole Dean

I appreciate shares and I adore comments! Please share your thoughts.

  • Rachel Rofe

    OMG Nicole. I am so touched, I don’t even know what to say.

    Thank you so much. I am so glad you liked it.

    I have literally no words for the rest. I am just so, so touched. Thank you for posting this, and for your Facebook posts.


  • Iyabo Oyawale

    Rachel, I think that was cool. I like the part about us having the power to choose how we react to situations. Nicole, thanks for sharing.

  • Jessica

    A happy person is a healthy person. Body and mind should go together for a healthy lifestyle. I believe that having a bad day is all in the mind and we can pull ourselves from depressing thoughts. I liked what she said “Deal with it or don’t let it bother you.” On my way of taking a peak at “Never Have a Bad Day Again.”

  • Meg Bertini

    I love this! We do have choices about how we react and think about something that at first seems terrible. When something happens that initially throws me off, I try to remind myself of the things I have going on that are favorable in my life. Doing that will usually help me think of something positive about the seemingly terrible situation. If all else fails, I go for a good run or a long walk to ground myself and shake off the bad feelings. Here’s a related article I read recently that might be interesting to you:

  • Clyde

    “It’s pretty impossible to succeed online if you have an attitude where things can take down your energy levels.”

    Hear hear to that. Getting anywhere with online business is all about persistence and keeping motivated is damn hard at times.

  • Beth

    After reading this post I went right on over and purchased this ecourse I am looking forward to it. Thanks for sharing this information!

  • Lee

    Wouldn’t it be great to never have a bad day again. To be honest I don’t think this is ever achievable in the real world. Going to check out the e course though to see what it has to say. Lee

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