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The NAMS Dashboard: This Changes Everything


One of my top recommendations online for the last year has been the NAMS Business System. There's SO much to it. Just tons of value. Much more than anything else that I've seen online.

But, there was ONE big flaw to it that I really was hoping could be corrected. Somehow.

The problem?

The members' area of NAMS was a MESS. There was tons of information with no visible rhyme or reason behind it. You could sign in, look around the site and find hundreds (maybe even thousands) of hours of audio and transcripts in there… from beginner training all the way through stuff that the most advanced students want to learn. But it was too  much and it wasn't organized in a way that made sense.

Until now.

The NAMS site now has a dashboard. David Perdew, the owner of NAMS, had been talking about this dashboard for awhile and I was a little ho-hum about it. I mean, a “Dashboard” doesn't sound sexy. Heck, I don't get all tingly when I drive my car and look at the dashboard, so why should I get excited about this?

Well, I've seen it. Now I believe.

The new dashboard turns the entire NAMS training site into a step-by-step system of 56 Modules. The Modules start at very beginner – and go through way advanced stuff.

Check it out in the video below (or scroll down to see some screenshots).

If you're in a rush, just download the video here:


Here's the link if you want to play with the dashboard yourself while watching the video:

Check out the NAMS Lifetime Offer
When you go to that page, click on the first photo you see to play with the dashboard.

But, what exactly do you get if you decide to jump in?

If you join at the Lifetime Rate, you pay once and get access to…

1. The Dashboard and all of the training in it.

2. Recordings of the Weekly Webinars with Experts for the life of NAMS. These are held weekly and are highly valuable training in themselves. You will also get access to all past recordings – over 30 of them.

3. 50 new PLR articles every month for the life of NAMS. (That's 600 PLR articles per year, every year.)

4. Royalty-free music that you can use in your podcasts or videos. These are different every month.

5. Various graphics that you can use in your business.

6. The private members' forum, including the points system so that you can earn free stuff just for chit chatting in the community.

7. Your own members' blog where you can feature your expertise and link back to your blog to build traffic.

8. A special hugely-discounted ticket price to attend the NAMS Live Workshop in Atlanta twice annually. (I never miss these. I'll be there!)

9. And more. Those were just my favorite pieces and parts in the membership.

You really do have to see it to understand what's inside. Watch the video above and see if the NAMS training might be right for you. Not sure? Ask me. I'll be happy to let you know for sure.

In the meantime, here's that link again:

Click here to check out the NAMS Lifetime Offer
Click on the first photo on the page to play with the dashboard.

NAMS Dashboard in Screenshots.

For those who don't like Video, here are some screenshots for you of the dashboard.

This one shows the main dashboard area. You have the option of 56 modules that take you through the 100 level (total beginner) through the 400 level (advanced). You can see the number 400 is highlighted, simply because I took the “Marketing Assessment” which says that that's where I should focus. However, I have access to all levels because I'm a member.

If I were to scroll down on that page in the 100 level to Module 1 and open it, I would see this. (By the way, everyone, even non-members can access Module 1. So, if you want to, head over to the NAMS Lifetime Offer and click on the first photo (of the dashboard) on that page to see this live and go through this training.

Just for fun, take a look at the 300 level courses. It's really good stuff. They are still adding content this weekend, but all of this will be covered.

Here's the link one more time:

Click here to check out the NAMS Lifetime Offer
Click on the first photo on the page to play with the dashboard.

Nicole Dean

PS. Want to know what the best part of this is to me? That the members will see greater success than before. And, that just plain makes me happy!

I appreciate shares and I adore comments! Please share your thoughts.

  • Tom Watson

    Looks like a a good deal for the price!

  • Connie L

    I just bought the NAMS lifetime membership a few weeks ago during the $97 sale. It is still a great value at $147 or even more. I cannot believe all the resources I have access to! And to think I will continue to receive more new content every month and I never have to pay anything again – I am blown away. The new dashboard really does make the training more clear and focused. Thanks for promoting NAMS, or I would not have heard of it!

    • Nicole

      Thank you, Connie. 🙂 I’m so glad that you find it a great value.

      Appreciate you taking the time to come by and say so.

      Come back soon!

  • Bo

    I got the Lifetime membership a few weeks ago when it was $97. It looks like great value, but since I’m in the last term of full-time college, I won’t really be able to dive into it until Christmas time when I’m done school. I’m not young, but went back to school because there were some things I needed to know 🙂
    Have heard about NAMS for a couple of years through Lynn Terry’s site, but haven’t yet attended the events. Wondering if the event would be of use to someone who is ‘nowhere’ yet?
    Love your site Nicole.


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