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Back from Willie Crawford’s Live Event

Hey guys!

I've been a jet-setting queen the last few weeks — off to StomperNet Live 7 in Atlanta in early March and then down to Willie Crawford's 50th Birthday Bash in Orlando last weekend. (I might just be crazy enough to go to another event later this month!)

I've been asked about both events — if I had fun, who I met, and how they were overall.

Here's the scoop. The two events were complete opposites, so I feel that I benefited differently (and greatly) from each.

StomperNet Live 7

Where: Held in Downtown Atlanta in a Hyatt.

Who: I'd estimate about 200 people there, but could be totally off.

What: Friday – Saturday speakers from 9-6 each day.

My RoomieTracy Roberts, my awesomest  Virtual Assistant and friend.

Speakers included: Dan Thies, David Bullock, Perry Belcher, and the amazing Stephen Pierce, as well as others from the Stompernet Faculty.

Content provided: Actionable internet marketing advice. Solid online tactics. Left with a to-do list a mile long.

Pitches: None. There was nothing for sale. Just solid content.

Networking: I'm not sure if it was the size of the crowd or the types of businesses that the others had, but I didn't find the networking to be very personal. Went to bed fairly early. No major “love” connections. (I'm married. I mean for my business!) Although I did meet Mr. George Williams who will be a long-time friend.

Highlights: Perry Belcher's speech was inspiring, informative, and entertaining to the tune of almost peeing my pants. Yes, it was THAT good.

Feeling afterward: Like I'd just finished my Final Exams and found out that there was another round. My brain was tired, but I also knew that there's more work to do. However, very excited to have actionable items on my list.

How was the Sushi? Excellent! I discovered a “Las Vegas” roll that has a jalapeno on top. YUMMY!

Photos: none

Willie Crawford's Birthday Event

Where: Held in Downtown Orlando in a  Crowne Plaza.

Who: I'd estimate about 40 people there, but could be off.

What: Friday – Saturday speakers from 9-6 each day.

My Roomie: Lynn Terry – Yes, THAT Lynn Terry. I was so nervous meeting her, but we were just like old friends in no time.

Speakers included: Felicia Slattery, The Niche Prof, Kathleen Gage, Rob Canyon, Mark Hendricks, David Preston, Sam Crowley, Kevin “Mr. Ebay” Johnson, Shel Horowitz, Laura Fenamore, and again, the amazing Stephen Pierce.

Content provided: Not really any advanced internet marketing information overall. More business sense and overall motivation strategies. However, I did leave motivated and ready to kick butt afterwards, so it's something that benefited me hugely, obviously.

Sales Pitches: Yes. Oddly, every speech (except Lynn's) ended with a pitch for an item around $2000. I guess I don't understand the speakers' circuit very well.  I would have easily dropped $100-300 on each of at least half of the speakers, but the larger packages that were offered were just “too much information”, mostly videos (which you guys know that I don't do) and would require my time — something that is worth more to me than money. Rob Canyon was the exception as he offered a really cool business coaching (one-on-one) plan that appealed to me very much.  So, I'll probably go check out some of their products and see if there's anything a bit more “bite-sized” for me.

Networking: Phenomenal. Seriously. I got to hang out with Bob the Teacher (who rocks!), Felicia, Lynn, Sam, Rob, and Willie Crawford (of course). I also got to meet Elizabeth Ashe (who I've known and emailed online for at least a year), Paul Richardson & Elmer Hurlstone the Photographer/Writer/Editor. Plus, my Tracy Roberts friend was there, too. And, that's just a few of the amazing, creative people there. I got to meet one of my affiliates who will now be helping me with some of my blogs. (Total sweetheart.)  I got about 4 hours of sleep every night and several times laughed until I cried. Leaving was very hard, almost like the last day of summer camp.

Feeling afterward: Like I'd been on vacation. Came back focused, energized, and ready to double my income. Feeling like a ROCK STAR!

How was the Sushi? Excellent! I discovered DEEP FRIED sushi! YUMMY!

Photos: Oh yeah! Coming soon… In the meantime, here's one to hold you over. This is me, watching Lynn's presentation onstage. (I'm the ponytail with the ears!)  Tracy is next to me in the blue shirt.


Note: I ran out of Twitter copy/paste energy. Those who aren't linked above, feel free to mention your Twitter URL and give your thoughts about the conference below.

More pics soon!


I appreciate shares and I adore comments! Please share your thoughts.

  • Arika

    You ARE a ROCKSTAR!!! Say it….Say it again! Run around the house and let your hubby and kids think you’re goofy while you scream it outloud…it’s ok!

    By the way, Lynn if you’re reading this I just want to personally thank you for a specific something you told Nik while you were there. You’ll never know what it meant to her and me too – Thank you!

  • Sharon

    Nicole you look like the keener of the class! Love your ponytail:)

    Glad to hear that you benefited from both events. I need the face to face meetings every so often as well – it’s energizing.

    But that doesn’t change the fact that “right now” I am feeling totally left out as I read about your southern mixers while I sit here shivering up here in the north!

  • Felicia Slattery

    Hi Nicole-
    I had a BLAST hanging out w/ you at Willie’s event, too.

    What I appreciated most (other than the crazy late night laughs about the “military” ahem), was your honest feedback about the pricing of products for sale at the event– as you mentioned here.

    We as speakers often have our hands tied as we sign contracts that tell us the dollar amounts we can sell. That means we have a minimum and sometimes even a maximum. So we are often obligated to put together a package in the “right” price range.

    That said, as a speaker, one thing I have noticed is that event attendance has been down and sales have been slow at many IM events. That indicates a shift happening — and we as speakers and hopefully the event planners who invite us — need to realize there may be many more buyers like you in the audience than big ticket buyers.

    My speaking dance card is full for the year — and one thing I will do is offer a lower-priced product for my audiences — and see what happens. I’ll keep you posted!

    You are a breath of fresh air. I know we will be long-time friends. I LOVE smart, savy, successful women!


  • Nicole


    You ARE coming on the cruise, though, right? 🙂

    Please say “yes”!

    Thanks for commenting!

  • Mummy

    Feelin’ the energy right through the monitor… 🙂

  • Nicole

    I’ll only yell it if you do. 😉

    Wait for it….
    Wait for it….


    Your turn. lol.

  • Elmer Hurlstone

    Hi Nicole,

    Meeting you at Willie Crawford’s Birthday Bash Seminar was, without a doubt, one of the absolute best things I’ve experienced this year.

    Your comments re the price points on the products is, as far as I’m concerned, smack dab on target.

    Please consider this “fair warning” of my intention to swipe your up-page comment, “…to fossilize on my shelf.”

    As I’m still semi-exhausted I may also borrow your seminar review format.

    Take care,


  • Nicole

    Love you, too, Felicia! YOU my dear are a ROCK STAR on the stage. Holy energy and cuteness, Batman!

    I totally understand that it’s a ‘set’ thing. 🙂

    Lynn and I discussed the price point and focus of the packages and it confuses me why the marketing funnel gets turned upside down and backwards at live events. (Although one very smart lady did get email addresses of participants. Good thinking!) I do ‘get’ that it’s face to face, so a higher conversion overall, but seems a step away from building an ongoing relationship with a potential customer? Again, I’m only an attendee so I haven’t done any testing on this.

    Not only was the price point of the products high, but I think that people are so inundated with information that, for me, every package that was presented, I thought “That’s mammoth! Oh goodness, that sounds like work”. Maybe it’s because I do spend my time successfully making money, a no-brainer expenditure for me is something that will save me time or effort. For instance, I just hired Micheal Savoie (who I met at the event) to maintain 3 of my blogs and I kissed that money goodbye with a smile on my face. (Sorry to everyone that has had their comments sucked into the spam folder. I think I’ve saved them all.)

    Then again, I have been trained by the king of the Small Reports ( and I’m the type who’ll buy up small reports all day before buying another “6 DVD set” to fossilize on my shelf. As someone who has faced death’s door, though, Felicia, I’m sure you have an appreciation (almost stinginess) for wasted time, too.

    As for attendance being down, I have to admit that the small size of the group was a bonus. Our group bonded quickly and that was the BEST part to me! So, on a selfish note, I’m glad that there were so many other events this weekend to compete. 😉

    Guys, if you’re not familiar with Felicia — she’s incredibly intelligent, knows her English stuffs (Communications expert), and could easily teach this gal a thing or two. I’m planning on interviewing her for Shelancers – STAT. So, keep an eye out for that as it’ll be added to the member area in the coming weeks.

    My 2 cents.

  • Vera Raposo

    Oh Nicole! Glad you had a super time with everyone! I LOVE live events, we’ll need to DISH soon! 🙂

  • Arika

    Are you ready?


    Where’s Tracy btw?

  • Tracy Roberts

    Well –
    I’m a RockStar, too!

    The events were both life changing to me for different reasons.

    I especially enjoyed Willie’s b-day bash specifically because of the people I met. The presentations were good (especially Lynn Terry & Felicia Slattery) but the networking & getting to know everyone was worth my time & money.

    Nicole has planned a short cruise in January 2010 so that we might have the same intimate experience.

    Wanna come along?

    YooHoo – Felicia….Arika….Sharon…..Anyone?

    You can see more information at

  • Vicki Flaugher

    OK, I’ll say it too- I am a rockstar! So are you, Nicole. I went to an Armind Morin event this last weekend and felt very much like you did after Willie’s event. Love the way you broke down the description and it sounds fun. Might have to go on that cruise…

    Rock on, baby!
    Vicki Flaugher

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