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Expert Pets: David Perdew

Welcome back to Expert Pets.

Last week, we started this series where Marketers share their pets. 🙂

Today, we have David Perdew on deck to share his furry family members with us.

Show Me Your Pets!

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David Perdew of NAMS says:

You know, I was afraid of dogs until I was about 37 because I got bit when I was 9. Any barking dog just freaked me out.

At 37, I got a girlfriend who lived in SoHo in NYC and her dog – a beautiful Vizsla (think red Weimaraner), acted like it was going to eat me alive. But she was my girlfriend and I had to get over it.

I did. I fell in love with that dog. After the girlfriend and I parted ways, I was no longer afraid of dogs, and missed that Vizsla tremendously.

I've had several dogs since. Many I've inherited, but some were my own like Lila and Luann.

Lila (left) and Luann (right)

Those two pups (Lila is the black and grey and Luann is the black and tan) are dear to me.

Lila argues with me about bedtime and whether she's had her treat limit for the day or not. Luann does whatever you ask her to do. If I tap my lap, she hoists all 45 pounds up there like she's a real lapdog. Lila, quick to jealousy, comes over and pulls her tail, legs and ears.

They all like to hug.

But the funniest thing is the way the cat (Lois – yes, we like “L” names) has trained them to leave her alone. If they walk to close to her, she boxes at their tales until they scoot out of distance. Sometimes though, I've caught Lila and Lois sleeping snuggled together on the couch.

Since we don't have any kids at home any longer, we dote on these animals.

In the picture attached, they all three “sit” for a bite of left over pizza crust as Charlsa shares.

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I hope you’re enjoying seeing our babies! I sure am.

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Have a beautiful day.


Nicole Dean

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