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What is NAMS?

I recommend NAMS a lot to people who want access to ongoing learning for online business.

But WHAT the heck is NAMS? And, who is it for?

The problem is that the benefits were not clearly stated on the sales page – as far as what members actually receive.

So, I recorded a quick video to share the “behind the scenes scoop” as to what you actually get as a NAMS member. JUST the 30 information-packed webinars in the members' area alone are totally worth joining, in my humble opinion.

Check it out here:

If you have ever thought of joining, go to this page to see what's included. (I think you'll be shocked!)
Click here to Check out NAMS (use this coupon code for 85% off: MYNAMS85)

In a nutshell, members get…

  1. Weekly Hour Long Business Building Webinars with awesome people. You also get replays, a PDF of the Presentations, & an Audio Download to listen on the road.
  2. 50 New Niche PLR Articles every Month (10 PLR Articles in 5 Different Niches)
  3. Ongoing Access to More Than 1300 Tutorial Videos on Various Aspects of Running an Online Business
  4. Unique Monthly Graphics Package for Your Business Use
  5. Monthly Royalty Free Music for Your Business. Need a podcast intro or video background music? That's what this is for.
  6. Monthly Turnkey Niche Sites Complete with 25 Pages of Content
  7. Private forum access for brainstorming
  8. Member blogs with “do follow” links so you can repost some of your content over there to get links back to your site.
  9. Member Showcase. List your websites in their exclusive member directory.
  10. Launch and Joint Venture Calendar to help you to recruit affiliates.
  11. Best Discount on the Niche Affiliate Marketing System Workshop held twice per year in Atlanta – where you can meet cool people like ME!

If that sounds like something you need, go to this page to see what's included:
Click here to check out NAMS (Use this coupon code for 85% off: MYNAMS85)

ok, but who should NOT join NAMS?

1. If you're spending and spending and not actually taking the time to learn the material and implement. Then hold off for now and please don't sign up. (Go through what you've already bought first.)
2. If you do not wish to be any of the following: an affiliate marketer, online business owner, information marketer, or blogger. (Then it's not a good fit.)
3. If you're just wanting to throw up a bunch of quick websites and watch the easy money roll in. (That's not quite how it works…)

Is NAMS perfect? The Be-All End-All Solution You Need?

Nah. There are definitely things I'd improve, but David is working on a lot of that behind the scenes – like organizing the tons of content on the site so it's easier to navigate.

It is, however, a place that I trust to send my own mother. And there aren't a whole lot of those places online. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Click here to Check out NAMS (use this coupon code for 85% off: MYNAMS85)

I hope you like it.

Nicole Dean

I appreciate shares and I adore comments! Please share your thoughts.

  • Julie

    I’m on NAMS as a free subscriber. I am sooo overwhelmed with the information. The information is extremely helpful for a person new to affiliate marketing (like I am). Where do you suggest people that are new to NAMS start?

    • Jen Perdew


      Welcome to NAMS! I am one of the “behind the scenes” folks with NAMS and am too new to learning the site! The best place to start in my opinion is taking the Marketing IQ quiz and try to figure out which level you need to be in- 100,200,300 or 400 level. Then start doing searches ( the side bar on the right hand side about half way down) on those levels. That way you’re not getting too deep in information you don’t need yet.

      Also go to the forum and introduce yourself. You’ll find tons of folks networking and will even find may of the instructors like Nicole ๐Ÿ™‚ hanging out in there as well!

      As always if you are having trouble accessing anything be sure to send us a ticket at the support desk.

      And thanks Nicole for the great tour! You rock!

    • Nicole

      Definitely swing by the forum and say “hi”. That’s a great place to meet people and ask questions about anything related to your business.


  • The Mom

    “It is, however, a place that I trust to send my own mother.”

    And she did! ๐Ÿ˜‰

    My honest opinion is NAMS is a place where you will meet people of INTEGRITY. And that is something many internet marketers are passionate about; keeping their integrity. Because of the early years of Get Rich Quick schemes, marketers have had to fight an uphill battle to gain the respect of the business world. And these NAMS folks have done just that, not only with their online businesses but in their personal lives, as well. And they are anxious to share the LUV! I can’t imagine there are many conferences like this where you can get personal attention from the presenters.

    Are there problems with NAMS? Sure. But I know David and all the presenters are actively working on improving every aspect.

    So Kudos to you, NIk and all NAMS folks. You have created a great venue to share your expertise, as well as your support, to us novices. Thanks!

    • Nicole

      Thanks, mom. ๐Ÿ™‚

      I agree. I’ve been in situations where marketers gather where I’ve felt like I needed to scrub the slime off me afterwards. That’s why I was so amazed when I first got involved with the NAMS community and saw they were the kind of people who want to make a difference in the lives of others and in our world.

      Appreciate the comment.

  • Kristin

    Thanks for this video Nicole! I’m seriously thinking about going in August..just signed up at MyNams and there is soooo much information, just a little tricky to navigate ha I just want to say thanks for all you do…You are such an inspiration and listening to your podcast has definately been part of my motivation to get my website up and running! Keep doing what your doing! ๐Ÿ™‚ HUGS

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