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ShowMomTheMoney Newsletter 3/14

Here's the latest version of my ShowMomtheMoney Newsletter that goes out on Mondays — and is slightly different than my Ryze version as you'll see. Enjoy! Nicole

Welcome to another week to learn and grow. What would you
like to achieve this week? What are you planning to do to get
closer to your goals? Remember, all the learning in the world
won't get you closer to making money unless you are taking
chances and implementing your new knowledge. Go for it!

Once again, I have so much to share with you. I don't even
know where to start.

Ever Want to Start Your Own Internet Radio Show?
– Resource from WAHMTalkRadio Owner Kelly McCausey. If you have any interest in having an online radio show, this is the place to start. Kelly will teach you what she learned since starting her show.

Making those Calls

Would You Miss Your Favorite TV Shows for $100, $200, $500?
You CAN do it!

What's your Biggest Question?

Send me your QUESTIONS for the new ShowMomTheMoney question and answer portion of the newsletter – I want to help you reach your goals in Business, Family & Life in 2005! Post on the ShowMomTheMoney Network, email me, or call into this question line (214) 231-2905 x4487 (Questions about offline business, online business, relationships, organization, saving money, making money, etc.) If you prefer to remain anonymous, then please let me know in your email — or don't say your name or website in your phone message. 🙂 I have a bunch of women I'll be referring your
questions to. If you're thinking of a question, then please ask. It'll benefit everyone who hears the response.

Question #1 – SEO?

From a member of the ShowMomTheMoney Network — My biggest
question is more an ongoing issue than a question. I have SEO
issues. More like, It's just not very easy to do and I never
really know if I've done it correctly or if I've done all that I
need to do to drive targeted traffic to my site. I get traffic
because I have an Adwords campaign, but I don't want to rely
totally on paid advertising if I can generate some traffic via
search engines. There's some, but I just don't quite get the whole
Google thing. I never know where I am with them. From what I've
read neither do a lot of website publishers.

Read the responses here – SEO Issues – Where to Start?

Question #2 – Party Plan – Booking The Parties

Question: I am a with a Party Plan and I am having trouble getting parties booked off-line and getting recruits. I had several people tell me before Christmas that they wanted to book parties in February, but none of them came through. Right now, everyone says the weather is too bad, cold, etc….

Read our Expert's Response: Booking Parties After the Holidays

Free Advertising

Press Release Tutorial
– Take this press release tutorial and learn how to get FREE
exposure for your business.

It's Tax Time!

1. If you need help and this is your first year doing taxes for
your home business, this e-book is a great place to start. It's
for the Work at Home Mom. HomeBusiness
Tax Smarts

2. If you're getting a tax refund, what are you going to do with
it? Make some plans so you can spend it wisely.

I appreciate shares and I adore comments! Please share your thoughts.

  • Nell

    I’m hosting a chat this Tuesday at 10pm central about SEO if the gal who asked about it wants to attend. Thought I would let you know 🙂

    You can find the details at:

    Nell Taliercio

    Great newsletter 🙂

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