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Creative Ideas: What Can you Outsource on

We're working on a PLR package for all about so I've been poking around there more than usual lately.

I've seen some really strange and very clever gigs posted there recently and thought it would be fun to share here.

What is

It's a site where you can basically get people to do just about anything for only $5.

Here's how it works…

What does this have to do with business?

I narrowed it down to Graphics, Videos, and Audios that people are willing to do to endorse/promote your business and chose a few that I thought were interesting.

So, here are some things that people will do for you for $5 on that you can use in promoting your business…

Disclaimer: I can't guarantee any of these gigs. Just giving you some ideas for promoting your business (or making money on πŸ™‚


Get a photo of happy fingers holding your message.

Get a photo of a dog holding your logo.

Get a photo of an underwater dude holding your message.


This guy will say anything you like in just about any cartoon voice you could ever want.

Want something said in a sexy James Bond voice? This guy will do it.


This guy will sing or say your message in the shower. (No nudity.)

Chinelope is for hire to promote your website.

Dream of having a hamster endorse your product? Click here.

Want a guy behind a bar to talk about your product? You got it.

I hope you've enjoyed this and have fun poking around πŸ™‚

Nicole Dean

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I appreciate shares and I adore comments! Please share your thoughts.

  • Angela Wills

    I saw some of these as I poked around the other day too! I like the three fingers one and was trying to figure out what to do with them, lol.

    Might be fun to play around with some stuff on there.

    Like Loretta said I also think it’s a good way to find good help, like ghostwriters or transcriptionists, etc.

    There are also some ‘shady’ things like people will to do a testimonial for you for $5 – now I realize big companies pay for ‘fake’ testimonials and then add a disclaimer that they’re ACTORS but I wonder how many people just put them up like they’re real. Oh well, not my problem πŸ˜‰

  • Laurie

    Interesting discussion. My only experience with fiverr is that we had an ecover created, and the job done was very good. The thing I don’t get though, is why people offer their services so cheaply. I understand what Loretta did, giving a teaser, but to do a whole job for only 5 doesn’t seem like it would be worth it. And it seems like it might kind of ruin it for the graphic designers, etc. that charge full price.

    Any thoughts on that?

  • Loretta

    I’ve used Fiverr both as a provider and as a buyer and always loved it πŸ™‚ Some of the things you can have done for $5 are just amazing.

    As as service buyer: I was having coding trouble on a website that wouldn’t display properly in InternetExplorer (who uses that anyway?) and a coder came along on Fiverr and fixed my notepad file for $5, saving me time, headache and lots of money!

    As a service provider: I used Fiverr to give a “teaser” on transcription services, offering to transcribe any audio or video under five minutes in length for five dollars. Fiverr’s messaging system doesn’t lend well to funneling clients to your service page though, so a word of caution there.

  • Jill

    Hmm, I’ve taken such a smack from Google lately I think I might sell some signs on my dog Buddy on Fivrr to help me pay some bills πŸ˜‰

  • Nicole

    Hey Jill and Loretta,
    Feel free to post your links to your profiles on Fiverr so we can find you. πŸ™‚
    Thanks for stopping by!

    • Loretta

      I don’t have any open gigs over there right now, I usually open them during slow times for client work – haven’t had any slow times in awhile now thankfully πŸ˜‰

  • Helen

    Hey, I’ve got a British accent! Now there’s a business opportunity I hadn’t considered until today πŸ™‚

    Seriously though, I’d be interested to hear how you can convert a $5 gig on Fiverr to a regular client who pays a sensible fee for ongoing work?

  • Vijay

    Nicole, this is a great list.

    I have personally used Fiverr for a lot of tasks like voiceovers, video editing, video submissions, pdf submissions, converting word documents into powerpoint and submitting them to powerpoint websites etc.

  • Laurie Kristensen

    I started out using Fiverr to buy link building gigs, and a few article submission gigs. Then I wanted more money to buy more gigs, so I looked around at what was being offered and found some things I could offer myself (and do an even better job).

    Over the past year, it has helped me earn over $1,000, and I keep trying to figure out how to earn even more. It took quite some time for my gigs to start being found, but the order rate still seems very up and down and I don’t really know why. There have been times I could barely keep up, and other times very few orders in a week.

    I always over deliver, and I have gotten nothing but good feedback from my clients, and that always makes my day! *smile*

    My profile page is (I will be adding a new gig where I’ll create a graphic for your ad and post it on 20 relevant FB pages in your niche, hopefully later today, but it may take time for them to approve it and show up in my listings, so if that interests you, please check back.)

    One tip… When searching on Fiverr (whether by category or specific keywords), you can re-sort the results by using the “Rating” link, then you’ll see the gigs with the most positive feedback listed first. Also, for back link gigs, I always search using 3 words: link ping rss (those extra steps help the links get indexed, so the actually will count for your site)

  • The Mom

    This is way too fun! Thanks Nik. kiss kiss

    So, I want to buy a gig – the sign on the German shepherd dog, of course that says “I heart” – wouldn’t that be fun?

    What will I do with it??? hmmmm… thinking, thinking, thinking.


  • Raj

    The underwater gig is definitely under-priced! And poor dog, he looks so bored πŸ™‚ Nice ideas people come up with, but $5 is very less to actually spend time working on something. Perhaps one needs volumes to make some decent money from this site?

  • Yvonne A Jones

    I’ve been using for over six months and I’ve been very pleased. I’ve used one person to do headers for all my blogs and she recently did two Facebook profile banners. She’s a excellent graphic artist as I visited her website and she sent me a zip file with some of her work. Apparently she’s now so busy on that there’s an additional $5 if you want your work back within 3 days. Plus if you want your logo files in a certain format you pay an additional $5. Why she does for $5 what she could get at least $60 for on her own, I’m not sure. Maybe the volume makes up for not having to market herself?

    Also had good results with other services like e-book and Kindle book covers. As Laurie mentioned, if you’re looking for someone to do a job, make sure to click on the “Rating.” The people who have top ratings usually take longer as they’re In demand, but you’ll be outsourcing to someone who’s highly rated and that encourages more trust.

  • Charleen Larson

    I’m currently writing an article for my Best of Fiverr blog about three guys who specialize in breakup videos. They’re hilarious. They do characters, voices or will perform your own script.

    There’s some real talent on Fiverr waiting to be discovered. If you need videos for your site, it’s a gold mine.

  • Cathy Goodwin

    I LOVE They’ve made graphic editors, edited HTML pages and more. I hadn’t thought of asking them to edit an audio or video but that’s a good idea. A caution: if you’re going to use any low-end source for design, make sure you (a) know how to ask for what you want and (b) supply the images so you won’t get burned. At least that’s what I’d do.

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