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How to Learn Gimp: Gimp Beginner Tutorials

“Dear Nik,

How the heck do you create graphics? I'm stumped.

Your Mom
Patti Winker,

Dear Mom,


First of all, you're askin' the wrong gal. I'm definitely no graphics whiz. But, fortunately, I have a friend who knows a lot more about it than I do.

Here you go. It's a tutorial video created by my friend, Angela Wills, of GIMP Beginner Tutorials.

You can download GIMP free here. I use it, too.

Oh, Angela also gave me a button template that you can play with after you download GIMP.

Grab it here: Free Starter Button

Recommended Resource to Learn More:
Angela Wills, who is one of my coaching clients, has put together a cool “How to Use Gimp” workshop.


I wanted to let you know in case you need some help in this department.

Check it out here…
Save Money. Learn to Use Gimp.

Enter this special coupon code if you decide to grab it to get $10 off: Coupon Code: nicolerocks

That’s it for today! Have a wonderful day.

Nicole Dean

I appreciate shares and I adore comments! Please share your thoughts.

  • The Mom

    Wow! Thanks Nik!

    Now I don’t have to struggle! You know, it’s like I get done writing a blog post or whatever, and it takes me more time to find and tweak a picture or graphic than it takes to write the darn thing! Thanks for telling me about Angela and her school for the Gimp challenged. Clicking on now…

    Love ya!

  • Thomas

    Thx Nicole! I’ll think about how to add this to my site and try it out. Oce again thx!

  • The Mom

    Great tutorial, Angela! Bought it yesterday (thanks for coupon, Nicole!) and just started looking at it. So much easier when you have someone walking you through it!

    I’m so glad you answered my question with this post, Nicole, instead of just giving me the usual patient, “Okay, Mom… let me try to explain this to you… again” response. You are an angel! Love ya!

  • Donna White

    Hi Nicole,

    Thank you so much to both you and Angela for the coupon. I learned more in the free video above than I have playing around with it trying to learn on my own.

    I already got it. Now it’s going to be fun!

    Take care,
    Donna 🙂

  • Lisa Marie Mary

    Awesome coupon code! Haha! Totally true, too!

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