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Free PLR: What are 4 Things a Blogger Can Easily Outsource?

Hi! I had an idea and I hope you like it.

What is it? “FREE Content for Your Blog” Fridays!

Some of the content that I post here will come with PLR rights. Others will come with reprint rights. Either way, it's free stuff (articles, reports, audios, videos) that you can post on your blog/website or publish in your ezines (and most will include the opportunity to earn some money).

Why on earth would I do this?

There is a method to my madness. I have a ton of content that I can give away – with either PLR rights (or reprint rights) and I hope it'll benefit both of us – as you'll see in just a minute. (See rules at the end of the blog post.)

If you'd like to learn more about what PLR is and how you can use it in your online business – and stock up on some high quality content, I recommend you swing by for more info.

ok. Here's the article. See rules/rights for how you can use it in your business (on your blog, ezine, etc.) at the end.

What are 4 Things a Blogger Can Easily Outsource?

Alternate Titles: 4 (Simple/Easy/Basic) (Tasks/Jobs/Activities) a (Beginner/Mom/New) Blogger Can Outsource

Blogging is a great way to get started making money online – BUT – it's work. (All good things come with some effort, right?)

The absolute worst thing a new blogger can do is to do nothing. Yet, that's what happens to many bloggers when they're first getting started. While waiting to get their blog just perfect, they do nothing and, instead, spin their wheels – stuck in one place.

Meanwhile, they get frustrated, their dreams fade, and they end up giving up before they even had a fighting chance. It's sad, especially since many of them are talented writers, are passionate about their topic, and have a lot to share with the world.

So, what can a new blogger do to avoid this from happening?

Simple. Outsource.

But, what, exactly is “Outsourcing”?

Outsourcing is just a fancy word for getting someone qualified to quickly and efficiently do a job for you that you

1. don't have time for,

2. don't want to do, or

3. don't have the skills to do.

But what can you outsource, and how? And, can you afford to?

All great questions. Here are 4 tasks you can immediately outsource for a modest price (and boost your blogging efforts at the same time).

1. Blog Installation and Optimization.

If you're planning to blog, the one thing you'll need is a web host. Why not choose a multipurpose web host that will also install your blog for you?  Both and will install your WordPress blog for you. Why would they jump through these hoops? They want you to succeed so that you become a customer for many years.  As part of their service, both web hosts will also recommend and install plugins for you for a reasonable fee.

There's no point in getting paralysis by analysis. This is an easy decision to get over your first hurdle – actually getting your WordPress blog online and ready to roll.

2. Design.

One thing I outsource gladly is graphics. When I try to do my own, they look unprofessional and, downright tacky. When I pay a more talented professional to create my graphics, they look awesome! You can find a professional designer at who can make your blog look snazzy – just look around. Of course, you can also search places like, but I'd suggest that you ask for a recommendation from a friend (or even on Twitter) before going with someone totally untested.

3. Content Management.

Keeping your blog active with fresh content can be a feat in itself. BUT – there is a big secret that bloggers use to make their lives much easier. It's called PLR content and it's something that I've also used in the past.

What is PLR content? Basically, PLR articles are written by ghostwriters and sold at a very affordable price (usually around $1-2 per article) to multiple bloggers and website owners. So, as a blogger, you can purchase these articles, and stick them on your blog. Or, as I recommend, you edit them a bit before posting them to your blog. While PLR is not totally hands-free – it can help you to get over the hurdle of having to write all of the content for your blog all by yourself.

By the way, the place I recommend you look for PLR Articles is (<— use your affiliate link here when publishing this article).

Of course, you can save even more time by hiring a Virtual Assistant to add the PLR that you purchase to your blog for you so that it's waiting in there the next time you face writer's block (as we all do).

4. Community.

Do you ever hear the sound of crickets when you go to your blog? How do some bloggers get such a conversation going while others seem to be talking to themselves?  The answer may not be what you think. Another big secret of top bloggers is that they sometimes “seed” conversations with their own assistants and friends. Yes, they have commenters who are paid to come by and leave comments to keep the conversation going. Pretty cool, isn't it?

While you don't have to go quite that far, it doesn't hurt to be “comment buddies” with some friends and help keep each others blogs active with conversation.

What Next?

Learn More about Outsourcing at my Recommended Resource. Outsourcing can be a big scary thing if you're trying to figure it out on your own. So, if you'd like to learn more about how to Outsource in your Online Business, I recommend this course: (You'll see a free series of lessons on the top of that page.)

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  • Use it in your ezine and newsletters.
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  • You may edit this article as you wish to add content or include your own thoughts on the topic.

All I ask is that you please link to either or in this article. (Yes, of course, you may use your affiliate link which you'll find at It’s not a requirement, just a simple request. That way we can both make some money and I can continue to offer free content here. 🙂

You may add/change any of the other product recommendations, if there are any, as you wish.

You may give away or sell this article with PLR rights, but, if you do, please include this box.

That’s it and thank you!


PS. Of course, if you'd like more PLR or if you'd like to learn more about what PLR is and how you can use it in your online business, I recommend you swing by for more info.

I appreciate shares and I adore comments! Please share your thoughts.

  • Barbara

    Great information, Nicole. As always you offer great tips. Thanks for use of the article.

  • Lisa Marie Mary

    What a great idea, Nicole! This is really cool! 🙂

  • Keisha

    Blogging on a consistent basis is demanding.I never thought about the seeded comments to keep the conversation going. Your tips give me some direction on what to consider outsourcing in the future.

  • Mary Lutz

    What an awesome idea! I love it and will use it 🙂

  • Stephanie

    Thank you Nicole! Great content, as always!!

  • Virtual Subcontract Team

    You just read my mind. Being somewhat of a new blogger I do feel like I’m spinning my wheels.

  • DeAnna Troupe, Small Business Training Lady

    Great information, Nicole and great idea! I’ll definitely be keeping a closer eye on this blog from now on. Keep up the good work!

  • Beth Jones

    Great tips, thanks Nicole – I look forward to using the great content you always have! 😀

  • Mark

    Hi Nicole,

    Great tips.

    I’ve been fleshing out a couple of my sites with PLR, some of yours, some from people you recommend.

    I usually rewrite the PLR from the ground up. Yes, it’s work but it still takes a lot less time to do than to create an article from scratch.

    One of my biggest hassles is getting an eCourse ready to go. That’s where your pre-made eCourses really come in handy. I need to do very little rewriting as those articles don’t need to get indexed by Google. Great time-saver!

    I still haven’t had the guts to outsource the other things you suggest but I can certainly see the value in it.

  • jean

    This is a great Idea Nicole,
    great content, and I love these tips as I am fairly new to blogging.

  • Adah

    3 Words – Love Your Contents!!!

    Thanks from Singapore 🙂

  • David Grande

    Hey Nicole,
    Good stuff as usual, I will rewrite this article and put it on my blog.
    Thanks for the good information and I have already found a good graphics guy to use for all my sites. I just get PSD files of a header, footer, order button, 3 ecovers and I am good to go.
    I main goal is to set up two membership sites per month besides my Kindle Publishing and Product Creation. Currently I have 4 member sites and one to launch in one week. It can be exhausting and overwhelming at times but I love it!! My next steps are to start my own PLR site and develop my SEO Copywriting skills…cucucachoo!
    Great Job,
    David A. Grande

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