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My Business Mistakes in 2007.

This is my response to the next question in my private conversation with my bud Kelly McCausey (click here if you are new).

Kelly asked….

My next question for you is this: When you look back at 2007, what do you wish you hadn’t done??

Hey Kel,

First of all, I loved reading your tips for staying on track.

I loved what you said about plugging the leaks of your current business rather than growing it further. I refer to that as “bleeding money” in my own business. I see so many places in my own business where I can improve things to get more money, but, of course, time is always an issue. Speaking of focus, I just went through my list of 104 domain names that I have at (Is your list as bad as mine? eek!) and I made note of 34 of them that I would be very comfortable parting with or selling. Aren't you proud of me? Some are websites and some are just the domains, but I would feel good about starting there to get more focus and clarity. Yay me!

I, too, have made “goober moves” throughout the years that I've been working online. And, you're putting me on the spot to name some of them. 😉

Let's see. When I became an affiliate manager, I made the mistake of taking on too many clients, some of which were not a good fit. Others, as much as I loved them, I just didn't have the time to keep up with projects and stay “in the loop” as much as I needed to be to do my job well. So, if I could go back, I would structure those opportunities differently and, instead of setting up an ongoing commitment, I would set up a one time consulting and work on a project-to-project basis.

Other mistakes that I made last year? Not establishing systems for enough things. I have several sites running themselves now, but others are neglected or still require me to be in the center of everything to keep them moving ahead which is not as efficient as I'd like. So, I'd like to streamline those things better. Thankfully my helpers are as nitpicky as I am, so I can relax, knowing that things will be done right.

Hmm… what else? I did one really good thing last year, which was to get my new accountant. She is working out much better than the last one who we had to let go. I'm getting monthly income and expense reports so I can tell where the money is coming in and where it's leaking. I was surprised at how much some of my expenses added up… that was a wake up call!

Other than that, I'm pretty happy with my progress last year. Would I like to have done better? Sure. But, I did work less and many of my projects came to fruition which is always a good thing. Now, to plan 2008 and make less mistakes this year and double my income. Here's hoping!

Here's something I wanted to ask you. How do you find your guests for WAHMTalkRadio? And, do you have any pet peeves when it comes to guest behavior? (I hope you don't say “giggling” or I'm hosed!) lol.

Chat soon, girlfriend!


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