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Free WAHM Advertising – Submit your Articles!

Happy late 4th of July & Happy Canada Day! 🙂

I am really excited about business this month. I don't know exactly why, but I'm setting my goals higher and higher and reaching for the moon. Where are your goals set? Set them HIGH! You can do anything you want to do! Please don't settle for less than you deserve.
I have so many things I want to talk with you about today. I know I've been repeating myself a lot lately about the benefits of writing articles — have you written anything yet? Or hired someone to write articles for you? Articles can help ANYONE with an online presence – whether you have a blog, a direct sales site, or designed your own site.

If you've got articles or tips, I'd love to see them! I'm working on some new sites and I NEED content. I'm using a lot of the free article warehouses, but I'd rather help my subscribers, networking partners, and friends to promote YOUR businesses.

** Your URL/website link will be included with anything that is published on my sites, of course. **

So, if you have free *ORIGINAL* material on the topics below, send it my way. (Sorry for emphasizing the Original, but two of my friends are in copyright struggles right now. One had an article ripped off and the other purchased an ‘original' article that she found out wasn't really original. UG!)

I urgently need …

  • Recipes (must be written by you, not taken from a cookbook)
  • Activities for Kids (kids fun, activities, play, etc.)
  • Romance articles (for married couples, not dating)
  • Home Organization articles Time Management articles Fitness (especially geared towards moms)
  • Product Reviews (moms and kids)
  • Money-Saving Ideas
  • And, of course, as usual WAHM stuff

So, get writing! lol. Submit your articles here… or on the free ShowMomTheMoney network on Ryze. and of course, for major exposure, you can submit to these places…

If the idea of writing is still scary, then how about submitting tips? I will have forms on several of my new sites where you can submit your tips and they will be included with your URL. Right now, I can use your Frugal Cooking tips, Romance Tips (for married couples,
not dating tips), and Frugal Pampering Tips. Just send them my way. (with your URL).

Have a great day!


PS. If you're looking for places to place ads, you are always welcome to post at my free ads board –
or post your ads on our free Ryze network (Tues, Thursday and Saturdays)

I appreciate shares and I adore comments! Please share your thoughts.

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