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PLR Packs for Coaches and Online Entrepreneurs

By now, you've realized how valuable good PLR content is for your online businesses and affiliate products. In fact, some of the posts you've seen on my site have proven how beneficial it can be to purchase ready-made packages of quality PLR related to the most popular subjects your customers are looking for.

Who's going to benefit the most from having such quality content on hand for their clients? People like consultants, coaches, service providers, and other online entrepreneurs who need to put together courses, videos, and instructional programs quickly. Why? Because that's what their customers want – step-by-step instructions that are easy to understand.

This “quick-fix” mentality with online learning is creating incredible opportunities for marketers in all sorts of niches. Learning from traditional books and multi-step processes just isn't cutting it any more. If you can find ways to demonstrate new skills and concepts in a short, concise format, you're going to have plenty of people looking for what you have to offer.

In other words, create an instant infoproduct that provides value, and you've got something that's going to do very well online. It's always the basics that keep people from being more productive, because they don't know how to do simple things like:

  • Create a Facebook page
  • Setup a WordPress blog
  • Market articles to the right sites for the right people

Get PLR for Coaches and Entrepreneurs Here!

You’ve seen the videos on YouTube, HowCast, eHow, and similar sites that explain exactly how to do something in minutes, getting millions of views every day. The days of sifting through hours of material in books and newsletters to find out the basics are fading fast.

With internet marketing, you need tools that help you take action now, and learn the rest as you go – period.

Well, my friend Melissa Ingold and I put together a trio of PLR packs you’re going to love, because they’re ready-made products that take all the guesswork out of showing people how to master three basic concepts that can help ALL marketers in every niche imaginable; article marketing, Facebook business pages, and WordPress blogs.

These three brand-new PLR packs are loaded with tools to allow you to quickly and easily create offline presentations, audio and video productions, webinars and teleseminars, or even sell the kits as standalone infoproducts. It doesn’t get much easier than this.

Here’s a list of what you’re getting in these fantastic new products:

  • PowerPoint slides for presentations and demonstrations
  • Mindmaps that show how each process works
  • Pre-written sales letters and emails that you can use immediately to build your lists
  • Quality eCover graphics as editable PSD files
  • Checklists to make sure you don’t forget a single step in the process
  • Copies of all screenshots used in the guides

The licenses for these three products are selling fast, so don’t wait to take advantage of this incredible offer by clicking here:

Get PLR for Coaches and Entrepreneurs Here!



Nicole Dean


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  • Arika

    Wow – that’s an AWESOME offer and the bonus from EasyPLR makes it even better.

    Although I won’t be purchasing right now…someone I know is dragging me on a cruise next week LOL), should I get lucky enough that she has some left when I get back I’m definitely taking both of you up on the offer.

    Thx for sharing!

  • Gregory Burrus

    Well I looked and finally purchased and can say – you have developed and delivered a lot, its even better than what’s promised.

    The videos are great and the workshop are truly effective training tools.

    I can vouch for the fact that this course is worth more than the asking price.

    Can’t wait for the ongoing training and coaching.


  • Leigha Baer


    I took a look at Liz’s offer and it looks great! I am brand new to using PLR of any kind and I’m wondering if any support is available?


  • Willie Townes

    I’m a member of your Outsource Weekly newsletter and this is the link you included in the email about How-To docs.

    I couldn’t get it to accept 2 different credit cards but according to my bank a pre-authorization amount of $1 was ttaken from both cards. I never received the 140 training sheets or any email confirmation. Please provide me with information about the owner. I didn’t even get access to a website, just a saleapage.

    I need to contact the vendor. Please help!

  • wendy hunt


    I see that you have been an online marketer for sometime now and obviously successful at it. I am just a newbie, know very little about online businesse and affiliate marketing. Can you suggest a simple program that is easy to follow, not too expensive that I could start with? I would love to give up my 9-5 job eventually. Even $200 a month would be good at the moment until I learn the ropes.
    There are thousands of programs avaiable online and many of them scams, the hardest thing to do is to drive traffic to these even automated programs that have the sqeeze pages etc already set up, also the emails are very confusing to send for me too. So if you have anything you could suggest I would be eternally grateful.

    kind regards


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