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Don’t Stress – Let Someone Else Handle Your Affiliate Program

Last week I talked about how affiliate managers need to realize marketing to women is different than marketing to men.

You may know me as Jimmy D. Brown's Affiliate Manager. It's the best job ever! Although I am not taking any more clients, I get asked on a daily basis for my recommendation for an affiliate manager.

It's been pretty hard to make a recommendation. As soon as I find someone qualified, they get booked and I'm stuck again with no one to recommend.

Not anymore!

If you'd like an affordable (and easy) boost to your affiliate program, here's your chance.

Talk about a hands-free, easy-peasy way to get more affiliates, get your affiliates active, and increase your bottom line. Check it out.

I don't know how long spaces will be available but I’m sure they will fill up quickly if the amount of recommendations I get asked for is any indication of the need.

I am actually going to use the service myself with one of my own programs. Even an affiliate manager by trade needs help sometimes! 😉 I'll be back to let you know what I think of the service once I get more into it.

Here’s the link if you’re interested in freeing up your time while increasing your sales. I know I am.

Full Service Affiliate Management Help

Happy Wednesday and here’s to a great rest of the week.


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