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Resolutions Stink: And What Works Better for Me.

I'm bringing back a blog post from last year and the year before that that and the year before that too, that I really loved (and many of you did, too).

My mom, Patti Winker, told me about this awesome blog post..

Read it! -> Resolution Revolution

I liked the blog post so much that I usually assign homework based upon the idea to all of my coaching clients.

What is it exactly?

In this article, the author, Christine Kane, states that New Year's Resolutions don't work (which is completely true). Most people make BIG resolutions, can't keep them, and then abandon their resolutions within weeks.

I personally feel that failed resolutions can make us feel like our goals are NOT achievable, and it also is bad for self-esteem when we go to try to achieve them the next time, causing us to think  “Why bother. I didn't succeed last year. I  might as well quit again.”

Christine instead suggests that you should choose a single word that will be your motivation or mantra for the entire year.

Three years ago, I found the exercise to be very telling. I narrowed mine down to three words. And, the three worked together nicely, actually.

In fact, there were times of sadness in 2012 after the adoption fell through, when one of my words really got me through it.

Now, before you go LOOKING for your word, I want to stop you for a second.

Instead of making it a mission to find a word, I'd ask that you read through Christine's blog post and see which words choose you.

Yes, I said that right. Which word chooses YOU.

In my experience, the right one(s) will jump out of the screen at you. For instance, the ones that pick my mom are totally different than the ones that pick me.

What word will choose you? I believe the one that you need RIGHT now will stand out to you. In fact, my word in 2013 (RELEASE) stuck with me – even though I kept trying to pick a “cooler” word. But, no. Every time I thought about this one word, I felt something. So my word must be exactly what I needed that year, because I even dreamed about it.

I always print off my word (or words) in HUGE font and hung them on my wall. I will do so again this year.

So, for right now, here's what to do.

1. Please go read the blog post and let your word jump out at you.

2. Post your ONE to THREE words below in the comments. (No more.)

Now these words are NOT goals like “build list” or “lose weight” or “be an author” – but a word that will be your mantra for YOU all year long.

Looking forward to making 2015 your BEST YEAR EVER!

With love,

PS.  If you're wondering…  my word for 2014 was:


And, my words for 2015 are Effortless & Delight.


I appreciate shares and I adore comments! Please share your thoughts.

  • Victoria Virgo

    My words are “BE BRAVE!” 🙂

  • Karen

    Focus. The word chose me. Let’s see what it does with me in 2015 🙂

    • Nicole

      Karen – GREAT word. Do you have any special plans to tackle the focus issue?

      • Karen

        Good question, Nicole. I saw a great graphic recently that turned the word focus into an acronym: Follow One Course Until Successful. I really am trying to keep it that simple. One thing at a time, until success/completion. Then the next thing. Sounds easy but it will be new for me. I have terrible shiny object syndrome and always have more than one project on the go.

  • Kelly

    My word for 2015 is Awake!

  • Debra

    My two words for 2015: Expansion and Release.

  • Edie Dykeman

    My word this year is FOCUS. I have a habit of drifting here and there on a daily basis and end up not getting as much done as I wanted – if anything at all.

  • Rachel Rofe

    My word is fertile. It has a ton of meanings to me but mostly means creative, feeling pleasure, and getting my body back into flow after a bunch of hormone problems. Also as a bonus, I looked it up and the dictionary also defines it as “abundantly productive” – but I will take that to mean only when I choose to work. 🙂

  • Michael Gregory II

    It’s great to see what works for you. Normally, I tend to use a bullet journal or white board to write my goals and keep track of to ensure I’m moving forward.

  • Jessica B. Woods

    I was looking through the list, thinking that I couldn’t decide what I wanted to choose, and it dawned on me that ‘choosing’ is a real problem for me, not just on this activity, but choosing what to work on, choosing between purchases, just choosing in general. So, I guess CHOOSE is really the word I need to embrace, and learn how to do it!

  • jocelyn

    “MOVE FORWARD!” I should never stop. I need to make progress every single day 🙂

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