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Free Internet Marketing Article Templates: Easy Article Starters

Hi again! My friend, Peg Baron, has a new invention that I thought you might like. They're called “Article Starters“.

They're basically article outlines or templates that you can “Steal” to write your own content super quickly.

I recommended that you check it out. (I even put together a few samples that you can play with whether you decide to grab them or not.)

What can you do with them?

Use these Article Starters to…

1. Rapidly write unique articles for article marketing.
2. Create new blog posts out of thin air.
3. Write PLR content for your new PLR site.
4. Help your writers to write quicker for you.

You can bet I'll be using them!->  Check them out here

I thought I'd create a few Article Starters that so you can see what the heck it is and why you never need to struggle to write content for your Internet Marketing blog again.

Here you go. My gift for you.

SAMPLE #1: 5-10 of My Favorite Internet Marketers

This is a great format for getting the attention of someone you admire, and for getting them to Tweet/Facebook about your blog.

Intro – Talk about Internet Marketing and what's important to you when finding someone to follow.

Body – (include examples)

List each of your favorite marketers and explain why that person made the list. Feel free to mention me! 😉

Conclusion –  Wrap up by asking your blog readers who their favorites are.

SAMPLE #2: – What Can you Outsource There?

Intro –  Explain what is and the benefits of using it.

Body – (include examples)

Talk about some of the things you can easily outsource (cheap) on

  • Graphics
  • SEO
  • Social Media
  • Audio
  • Video
  • Transcription
  • Creative Advertising
  • Kindle formatting
  • Ecovers
  • Getting a caricature made of yourself
  • Logos

Conclusion –  Explain that no, isn't perfect, but it is a great place to meet potential new hires.

SAMPLE #3: My Favorite Podcasts for Internet Marketers

Intro – Talk about how easy it is to consume information when listening via your phone, in your car, while watching your kids practice karate, or at the gym.

Body – List your favorites along with links:

You can find bunches of them here:

Conclusion – Talk about how there are lots of choices to listen to, so don't be afraid to look around for the podcasts that inspire you the most. Then be sure to subscribe to those so you get all the latest episodes.

SAMPLE #4: Facebook Mistakes you're Making in Your Business

Intro – Talk about what a great opportunity Facebook is for online (or offline) businesses, authors, speakers, bloggers, fitness coaches – replace depending on your market.

Body –

  • Not having a Page – just using your profile
  • Not engaging your readers
  • Not using Sticky Social Media Graphics
  • Not being consistent in your brand
  • Not having a plan for your overall social media
  • Not interacting with those who comment
  • Not promoting your Facebook page
  • Not having a map to your physical location (if appropriate)
  • Not making special “Fans only” offers

Conclusion – Don't spend your time on Facebook unless you've got the right pieces in place… here's where you can recommend a course or your own services to have the reader hire you.


Love them?

Here's the link to check out the Easy Article Starters again.

Have a fantastic day! You deserve it.

Nicole Dean

I appreciate shares and I adore comments! Please share your thoughts.

  • Jim Berry

    Hi Nicole!
    Thanks to you and Peg Barton for these templates. These will most definitely help to get past the ‘Blank Page’ syndrome of creating new actionable content for my viewers.
    Have a great and prosperous day!

  • Janja

    Nicole, thanks for the templates. One of them just gave me a brilliant idea… get ready to get listed 😉

  • Steve DiGioia

    Great list Nicole, thanks. Another way to get around the writers block.

  • Clare

    Hello Nicole

    Thanks for sharing the link for these article starter packs and for sharing 5 of your own for free.

    I think the biggest stumbling block for anyone when writing is getting started and staring at a blank page. These certainly will help.


  • Brian

    Without the samples this looked like a ridiculous thing to purchase. Now that I see them I plan to use some of the samples, and also purchase more.

    Thanks for sharing

  • Michelle Williams

    Hi, Nicole,

    I just received your email about the free article starters. Where can I get them – Did I miss it? Thank you.

    Michelle Williams

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