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How ELSE Are You Using That Content?


One of the questions that I ask my coaching clients often is “How else are you planning to use that content that you just worked so hard to create?”

Sometimes, I see a sparkle in their eyes. I know I just made their day. Other times, I get the deer in headlights look. So, we back up a bit and THEN they get the sparkle.

And – it's a question that you need to be asking yourself regularly.

You know how I feel about having both financial and lifestyle goals. Well, one of the ways that I'm able to earn money while I'm off with my kids is that I make the most of the content that I create.

I use it.

Then I use it again.

And, I use it again. (Get the picture?)  😉

Well, one of the courses on my “Stuff to do” list is to create a course about Repurposing Content. But, a few weeks ago, I got an email from a new friend, and she asked if I would like to contribute to her new product “Recycled Riches“. I told her, of course…. as long as it was ok if I reused the content that I created for her in other ways, including my own Repurposing Training. (Did you expect anything less?)

Fast forward and the course was just launched.

You can check it out here -> Recycled Riches: Experts Share how to Reuse your Content

It's good. Very good.

Do I think you should buy it?

Probably – especially if you're a blogger, are creating products, and/or have a list that you're building.

Definitely if you're a Virtual Assistant who helps those types of people, too.

So here's what I've done to help you decide if this course can help you.

  1. I included an interview with Debbie Drum (one of the product creators) to see why she created the product and who it is intended to help.
  2. I recorded a tour (sneak peek) of the members' area – so you can see what exactly you get if you buy it.

On that note, I'll introduce Debbie.

Nik: Hey Debbie. I love your new course. But what inspired you to create a course on this topic?

Debbie Drum

Content is a very hot topic. Most people who do online marketing are always in need of great content. Many people struggle with things like:

  • Where to get content
  • What to do with content they already have
  • How to create content faster
  • How much should to spend on outsourcing content
  • Where to outsource content to get back the best quality

With some of the systems that Amy and I have developed in our own business, we are taking just ONE SINGLE PIECE of content and stretching it so far that it works day and night for us in so many different ways and we wanted to share that with people.

We also wanted to hear from other experts who are repurposing content in ways that are working really well for them.

Nik: What was one surprise when you were creating this course and working with all of these different people?

First off, we felt very honored that so many of our contributors got back to us so fast with a “YES I WOULD LOVE TO” message. That was the best part!! We knew this was a real winning topic so we were happy to have people on board with us.

I would say a pleasant surprise was that all of our contributors went above and beyond what we asked them to contribute. They provided so much of their valuable information and went way beyond the call of duty and overdelivered. That is why when most people look inside, their jaws literally drop because there is so much value in what we (as a group) are delivering.

Nik: Why should my readers who are in online business buy your course?

To market anything online, you need quality content. Once marketers understand this and they make systems for themselves to take content and strategically spread it around the web with their money links – then that is when the skies light up and magic starts to happen.

Without content, you can’t get the traffic you need for more exposure to gain sales and subscribers.

Once this is realized, how can you strive to create less or WORK LESS, but still have all the traffic, exposure, sales and subscribers you desire?

Well, that is where Recycled Riches comes into play because we show you how to do that by essentially taking one piece of content and repurposing it so you are not wasting a bunch of time or money generating content yourself or outsourcing.

All of our contributing experts work smart and not hard when it comes to generating the content they need to grow their business. We throw around this term a lot but it is so true.

If you realize that just having ONE EBOOK is all you need to get MASSIVE exposure. You don’t need 10. Eventually have 10 is great, but that all comes with time!

Another thing is that as publishers, writers, product creators, or affiliate marketers, whatever we are doing, it’s easy to get in a rut with one modality. For example, “I’m a writer, so I don’t do videos.” The problem is that it’s easy to miss out on a large chunk of your targeted audience if you aren’t presenting your content in different formats. And with the training in Recycled Riches, it’s easy to repurpose content without having to be an expert in every type of content creation.

Here's the link to check it out -> “Recycled Riches“.

Here's a sneak peek into the members area that you'll have access to once you buy.

Want to Learn More About Re-Purposing Your Content?arrows-down

Click here to check out “Recycled Riches“.

I appreciate shares and I adore comments! Please share your thoughts.

  • Ileane

    Hi Nicole,

    I’m such a big fan of re-purposing content so I’m sure this is a fantastic training program. I know lots of the folks you share in the video Sharyn, Connie – and you are so right about Barbara Ling! She’s a hoot.

    Thanks for the info Nicole. Good luck with the program.

  • Shalu Sharma

    I have heard of repurposing your content before never knew what it was. I am very tempted to buy this course. Thanks for the video on repurposing your content. Content is everything and more you have it the better it is.

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