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Online Success Cast #36: David Perdew

onlinesuccesscast-smWelcome to another episode of the Online Business Success Cast.

This week, I have David Perdew, with me.

The audio recording of our interview is at the end of this blog post. Just look for the “play” button and listen. It’s free! Also, be sure to check out all of the resources listed below.

If you’re not familiar with David yet, learn more here:

As the founder and chief architect of NAMS – the Novice to Advanced Marketing System, Inc. – I've used all my skills as a journalist, consultant and entrepreneur to build one of the most successful and fastest growing live business educational workshops available today. The Premium Membership is not only a step-by-step tutorial system for people wanting help with their online business, but an amazing community of like-minded people in all experience levels.

Since 2005, I've been an online niche marketer with more than 2000 websites and a dozen membership sites.

In addition to that, and without any experience, I took a year off in 2003 to personally build a 2200 square foot log cabin in north Alabama where my wife and I live with two dogs and a cat on 95 acres with four streams.

Step 1: Check out David’s Sites
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Before you do anything else, though…
More resources to check out.
  • My NAMS membership site.
  • NAMS in Atlanta – Join me there in August
  • Double your List Challenge – Join David in this Awesome Adventure

Step 2: Listen to the Interview.

Be sure to listen to the entire interview.


Prefer to Read?

If you prefer to read the interview, it is available on Kindle.


Uncovering Experts: Behind the Scenes with David Perdew

Step 3: Check out these Essential Tools and Resources for Online Business Success Mentioned in this Show:

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David Uses:

Other Fun Tools and Resources that He Recommends:

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Thanks again for being part of my business and my day. I’m looking forward to hearing what you learned and will apply from this interview.

Nicole Dean

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PS. Here are the links to David’s sites again for your reference:

  • Free Weekly Training Webinars
  • My NAMS membership site.
  • NAMS in Atlanta – Join me there in August
  • Double your List Challenge – Join David in this Awesome Adventure

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  • CaptRob

    Ahoy Nicole and David.

    I am going to listen to the podcast right now. It is neat to know David lives in our neck of the woods.

    Building a log cabin from scratch. I am envious, or is it jealous? Yeah, yeah, we live on a sailboat, but a log cabin is the woods would be a close second! LOL



  • Ute Goldkuhle

    To listen to this entire interview this morning was NOT on my list! But since David and Nicole are among my most favorite people – friends in my heart – I just wanted to listen 5 min. to hear their warm/fun voices and get my dose of reassurance and uplift before returning to work/homework for the Double your List Challenge – (Read the rest of this blog post at I have committed to. AND A CHALLENGE IT IS!! But it also is so incredibly exciting and exactly taught in the spirit of the NAMS-HEART = value based as so well expressed in this interview. Five min. of listening turned into a full hour. I could not click the ‘stop’ button. David expanded on the essence of NAMS – Team, Tools, Training – and his building blocks leading to his success. More so, just listening to the warm exchange between Nicole and David indeed reveal, like Nicole says, a great part of why we come and belong to NAMS: the “hugs” which mean: ‘I am here for you, pull you and push you to succeed, and support you all the way.’

    Ooops, 1.5 hrs. later – I better get back to focus on ‘business building’ to meet the 30-Day Challenge. But this interview is so filled with valuable information related to business building shared in a fun spirit that it was a valuable hour.

    Thank you Nicole, for facilitating and sharing this interview!


  • Savvy Subcontracting

    Definitly going to be making use of your weekly free training calls. Someday I’d love to speak about my niche. Until I’ll learn from all your other experts.

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