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Ready to Stretch your Business?

Hey all. 🙂

kel-nik-2013-300x220My friend, Kelly McCausey, hosts a  Stretch Yourself Challenge for your Business which is a month of butt-kicking and it starts TOMORROW – Wednesday, May first. There we are in San Francisco a few months ago (probably on our way out to eat sushi – we ate a lot of sushi… ).  ->

I've decided to join the challenge, even though I've already got a bunch of stuff planned for next month (including rebranding part of my business, releasing 2 new Kindle books, and other fun stuff.)

Why not, right?

I want to slide into summer like a baseball player slides into home. Dirty and sweaty, knowing I gave it my all.

How about you?

If this headline hits close to home, you'll want to keep reading.


I've asked Kelly to answer a few questions about the challenge for you here so you could decide if you were ready to jump in with both feet.

But before you get into that, be sure to click here if you're interested in the challenge so you can check it out. The link opens in a new window:   Stretch Yourself Challenge for your Business

If you're ready for a push, here's the scoop…

Kelly, What is the Stretch Yourself Challenge and why did you feel compelled to create it?

The Challenge defies description in some ways but I like to say it's 25% strategic plan and 75% pure buttkickin'.  

The May Challenge is a specific set of suggested content marketing and social media tasks that each challenger can pick and choose to complete within the 31 days we have available.  Many will come into the challenge knowing HOW to do the tasks already and some will come in needing some instruction and demonstration.  (And they shouldn't worry, I'll provide all that's necessary along the way.)

Who is it ideal for?

Anyone who knows deep down they've been holding back. (Have you? Watch this 90 Second Buttkickin' video and see if it speaks to you.)

I don't often use the ‘anybody' word because I like to be uber-focused with my products, but the Challenge really is suited for just about anyone who wants to step out.

It doesn't matter what your business model is, you can take a new step and experience the benefits.

What are your hopes for someone who takes the course?

I hope they will complete the challenge!  If they DO, they'll have expanded their reach and ultimately they'll be at home outside of their comfort zone.

This is a great gift: Being at ease with being uncomfortable. 

It doesn't happen overnight, but somewhere in the midst of 31 days it does happen.  You wake up one day and realize you can't wait to take another stretching step. (It's actually addictive!)

If you do what the Challenge plan lays out for you, you'll have connected with more of your target market and be reaping the rewards of these new relationships.  What that looks like will depend on your business.

  • Will it be more clients?
  • More JV partners?
  • More traffic?
  • More product sales?
  • More invitations to guest blog or be featured on podcasts?

It's up to you!

What is the best part of the Stretch Yourself Challenge?

In the past, the best part for me has been seeing lights come on for my participants.  When they realize they don't have to take massive action, they just have to take some new action.

See this little sketch, it shows you how there are people who need you who can be found just outside your comfort zone.  If you'll just take THAT step you'll find them.


When someone finally gets it and DOES something about it and gets the RESULTS they've been missing for so long, it's very rewarding for me as a coach and certainly exciting for them.

Without a doubt this time around the most exciting aspect will be the better sense of community.

We meet as a group for live sessions and participants are so encouraging with one another but they let me know they'd like a way to connect more.  With that in mind, I've stepped it up and created a private forum for the Challenge group.  I did this on a lesser scale for another group recently (we used a private Facebook group) and my clients loved it – though I personally didn't love using Facebook. The group discussions are hard to track and easy to lose focus in.  The new forum is going to serve as a coaching base for me and an accountability base for all of the participants.

Every single day throughout May I'm going to be posting what I call Intimidation Crushers.  This is in direct response to the last Challenge where I found out that some participants were dealing with some pretty powerful internal battles that kept them from completing the Challenge.  This sort of resistance is normal when you're stretching yourself and the antidote is to be reminded every day that You Can Do This.

There's a section devoted to group accountability, every participant can share what they're going to do that day and come back to report their progress.  This provides a ‘look at what I've done' trail of proof that builds confidence.  Finally, there's a section set aside for getting unstuck.  (Anyone who isn't sure how to tackle a particular task can ask for help and I'll be there.)

Kel, Where can we sign up?

You can sign up right here:


Click here to Join the Challenge!

Well that's the scoop guys and gals.

Talk to me.

I'd like to know what the #1 thing is that's holding YOU back from being your greatest self. Please share.

Also, if you have any questions about the challenge, please post them below.

I'll see a bunch of you in the accountability group.

Looking forward to kicking butt together.


I appreciate shares and I adore comments! Please share your thoughts.

  • Marcus Tate

    Thanks Nicole, Kelly – this kind of “kick in the pants” is EXACTLY what I need; really looking forward to it!


  • Shan

    Hi Nicole

    Are the kick butt sessions recorded? I’m in the UK and would need to stay up until after 2am….


  • Mary Bernard

    Woohoo! I. Can’t. Wait. for this challenge! I was in a group coaching session with Kelly this spring, and I surprised myself at how much I got done on my blog and business! Really looking forward to a productive month to push me into summer full-steam ahead.

    See you in the challenge, Nicole and Kelly! 🙂

  • Robin

    I’m so excited to stretch myself. I have needed a kick in the butt and I think this will do it. Can’t wait to see what I can do this month!

  • Jenn L

    I am looking forward to getting started!

  • Monica

    Super excited about this challenge! Thanks Kelly!


  • Rachel Young

    I am super excited about this, I have a huge business binder with plans for my business this year. I’ve started planning and creating products, have plans to grow my blog readers, create kindle books, create membership sites and so much more.

    Just need that laser focus to help me set up the processes to keep adding these new income streams while keeping my business running smoothly.

    Perfect Timing!

  • Nicole Jones

    Can’t wait to get started:)

  • Tasha

    Let the “butt kickin’ begin!

  • Tanya Smith

    Looking forward to the kickoff tomorrow! Ready to kick butt (or get mine in gear) 🙂 Let’s do it.

  • Kim Loftis

    I’m so excited to participate in this!! For me, I feel that this will fuel the momentum I’ve gained in the last six months and amp it up even more, so that I can begin experiencing bigger, brighter and more delicious biz results!!! Wooooo hoooo!! Looking forward to supporting and connecting with everyone!

  • Crystal Green

    I look forward to seeing what happens for me when I go outside of my comfort zone. I very well may find that I’m able to accomplish more than I ever dreamed possible.

  • Hillary

    I am excited about starting this challenge!!!

  • kathleen ashton

    I have a ton of ideas swirling around in my head, can’t wait to get started!

  • Brandy Roberts

    Looking forward to the challenge tomorrow. So excited!

  • Samantha Angel

    I’m so looking forward to this challenge. I’ve got a lot of growing to do and I’m ready!

  • Debora Humphries

    I have been pacing the floors with an excitement I haven’t felt since I believed in Santa Claus!

    I can’t wait to move out of my comfort zone. I also look forward to learning from and watching the growth of everyone else who has stepped up and accepted this challenge.

    This is honestly the highlight of my entire year and I am cherishing the experience already. 🙂

    Again I wanted to say, thank you for providing the opportunity to learn, grow and become better.

  • Lana Elfstrom

    This is so exciting! I can’t wait to tackle those things that always hold me back! The time for change is now!

  • Erika

    I’m excited (and a little scared) to be doing this challenge! I have been slacking on my blog for the past month and I really need to do a better job with it. I think part of the problem is that I’m not sure what direction to take it in. I believe this challenge is going to help me figure it out!

  • Andrew Milburn

    The first three days have been great, and knowing Kelly things are only going to get better. After 30 days we will not only be stronger people but also have stronger business. Thank you

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