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3 Ways to Kickstart your Business in 24 Hours


Today I have an excellent guest blog post by my good friend, Jimmy D. Brown.

Just for fun, here's a picture of me and Jimmy from earlier this year.  ->

The article is all about why you're not making as much money in your business as you'd like to be.

Heck, I needed this reminder today myself. I'm in a streamlining mode – and Jimmy's words are just what I needed to be reminded of.


By Jimmy D. Brown

Want to hear something that is VERY ironic?

The one thing that most internet marketers want the MOST is what they need the LEAST.

Most internet marketers are actively looking for a new marketing tactic or tool.

Their days are spent trying this idea and that idea, giving this new thing a chance and that new thing a chance.

They try a few list-building things.  They try a few traffic generation things.  They try a few affiliate marketing things. They do the SEO “trick” they heard about on the forum.  They write a gazillion ezine articles ‘cuz they heard that works.  They move on to videos.  Yeah, videos — that’s the answer because it’s new for now.

30 days later, 6  months later, 3 years later … they’re singing a new verse of the same song.

They are actively looking for a new marketing tactic or tool.

In the process they’ve been spending money instead of making it.  They’ve been wasting time instead of freeing it up.

What’s the problem?  Is it all smoke and mirrors?  Is it all one big scam?

The problem is the ironic and sad reality:  most internet marketers never see huge success because they constantly pursue things they WANT instead of things they NEED.

We’ll get back to that in just a moment.  Hold that thought.

What I’m going to share with you in the remainder of this article will be a paradigm shift for a few who “get it”.

Some will skeptically say, “Jimmy is just trying to sell something.”  Some will say, “Ah, what does he know?”  Some will say, “I’m sure that’s right, but it’s not as sexy as all this other 3-ring circus stuff the gurus are doing”.


Take it for what it is.  I’ve been doing this for ten years.  I make a lot of money.  I spend a whole lot more time traveling and playing tennis and going on mission trips that I do on my business.

I must know something.  It may not be flashy.  But it’s like novocaine, folks.  Give it enough time and it always works.

Someone out there will read this.  And they’ll get that what I’m telling you is legit.  For that person, it’s time for a new song.

For the rest of you.  Come back in 30 days. Or 6 months.  Or 3 years.  And read this post.  Maybe then it will sink in.

Here are 3 keys to kick-starting your business in the next 24 hours…


The first order of business is to bring some order to your business!  You’ve got to streamline.  And what I mean by that is simply this:  do one thing and do it well.

You need to “decide what you want to be when you grow up”.  That is, what business model do you want to follow?  What is the ONE primary thing you’re going to do to make money?

Are you going to create information products?  Be an affiliate marketer?  Sell items on eBay?  Create and flip websites?  Provide a service?  Coach?

Resist the temptation to try it all.  Resist the temptation to dabble.  Dabbling is a horrible, horrible thing for the average internet marketer.  Trying a little bit of many things almost certainly will mean you won’t do anything well.

Decide right now what the ONE PRIMARY method of generating cash for your business will be.  Don’t proceed until you’ve streamlined your business.



Internet marketing is too big in and of itself.  Imagine someone saying, “Now go do health” or “get out there and be a traveler” or “start parenting”.

Regardless of what your ONE revenue path is, there will be many parts.  You’ve got to systemize your business into manageable chunks.  You’ve got to break everything down into a daily, weekly and monthly schedule of action steps.

For me, I keep it very simple.  I have three parts to my business…

* Offer creation.
* List marketing.
* Traffic generation.

I create a new offer.  I market it to my list.  I drive traffic to the offer site.

End of story.

I have a system I  use to create a new offer.  I have a system I use to write and send mailings.  I have a system I use for getting visitors to my site.

It’s the same system I’ve been using since 2000.  Novocaine, folks.  Always works.

Create a checklist of action steps for ONE kind of offer.  Create a checklist of action steps for ONE way to build a monetize a list.  Create a checklist of action steps for ONE method of generating website traffic.

Don’t try a bunch of things and do them average or poorly.  Find ONE method and do it WELL.

You want to UNcomplicate things.  You want a MINIMAL set of action steps.  You want to do the very least amount of different things as possible to achieve your goal.

You’ve got to systemize your business into manageable chunks.



Perhaps the most devastating thing in the life of the 95% of those who fail is this:  they don’t stick to it.

Seriously, that’s what failure is … it’s NOT DOING SOMETHING.  It’s quitting.  It’s coming up short of the finish line.  It’s NOT DOING SOMETHING.

When you narrow things down to ONE way of making money and then create a simple checklist of MINIMAL ACTION STEPS to make money, you absolutely must STICK TO IT.

Don’t quitDon’t quitDon’t quit.

Despite me saying this, most reading it will quit anyway.

A “new” offer of the week will come along and they’ll get distracted.  Someone well respected in the industry will convince them that the latest trick is the “most important thing you’ll ever do”  (Talk about a new verse of the same song!)  Things won’t happen instantly, overnight like other people promise.

Listen, you can rationalize the decision to quit in a thousand different ways.  You can make excuses for why you should move on and try something else.

Label it whatever you want, but just below the surface you’ll see this word tattoed on your being in permanent ink … failure.  If you quit, it’s all the same … it’s NOT DOING SOMETHING.

I know it’s hard to stick to things when there LITERALLY is a new offer in your face every single day.  Most people just can’t resist that temptation.

So, do this:  find yourself one mentor that you trust and believe and remove yourself from everyone else’s list.  Just cut that temptation off at the root.

At the end of the day, I can tell you this.  I’m about to celebrate 10 years online.  I make more money than ever and work less than ever.  I promise you, I know what I’m talking about here.

If you want to do well online,  you’ve got to STREAMLINE, SYSTEMIZE and STICK.

You can stop reading right now and apply what I’ve told you so far and you’ll be right on target in six months.  Pay attention to what I’m saying.  You don’t need what I’m about to offer you.  I know that’s contradictory to most people’s sales pitch.  I’m supposed to convince you to buy something from me right now.  And it’s true that I do have an offer for you.  But I’m telling you up front, you can do everything I’ve told you above and be fine on your own.  You don’t need my offer.

Now, for those who want some hand-holding and some specifics for all of this, I can help you.

If You Are Just Starting Out Or Currently
Making Less Than $1,000 Per Month…

I can personally (one-on-one) answer your questions, help you create a daily schedule and give you some specific action steps to take each week to build a streamlined, systemized and sticked plan of action.

Together we will choose a thriving market of customers with a strong buying history, select a method for generating cashthat is custom-fit for you, locate an offer to sell to customers that has proven to get orders, eliminate the clutter to identify thefewest and best action steps, and develop a daily schedule to use immediately to stay on track.

You will receive a step-by-step curriculum, daily assignment to
complete for me to “grade”, and a personal Q&A session with me!

Due to the personal interaction with me, there are only 50 spots available.  Once they are sold out, they are gone.  I can only take 50 students since I’ll be personally interacting with you EVERY DAY for this coaching class.

Get all the details at Jimmy D. Brown Foundations Coaching.

Regardless of whether we create a plan together or if you do it independently, it’s time for you to sing a new song. Good luck!

Well that's it from the guy who is one of my biggest mentors since I've been online.

You can't go wrong learning from Jimmy, ever. And the opportunity to chat with him directly about your business is priceless.

I hope this post has helped to clarify some things for you. I know it came at a perfect time for me, as I'm planning for next year.

Have a wonderful weekend.

Much love and appreciation.

Nicole Dean

I appreciate shares and I adore comments! Please share your thoughts.

  • Sharyn Sheldon

    Thank you Nicole and Jimmy! This was such a reassuring post. I’ve been gradually narrowing my focus recently and it’s always a little worrisome when you hear someone say “you should be doing X also” or “you can’t be really successful unless you do Y”. And it’s even tougher when you’re someone like me who loves to learn something new every day!

    I think I’ll have to post these three points on my forehead 🙂

    – Sharyn

  • Rachel Young

    Wow, what a good post. It’s hard to stick to something when you aren’t making any money, but at the same time if you do take the time to Streamline your processes and make the right connections then everything will eventually come together.

    I know that it took me years to actually start earning any real money online, it wasn’t until I mastered these three things that everything started to fall into place.

  • Shannon

    As always, great advice from Jimmy. Very timely for where I’m at right now. Jimmy’s statement that “dabbling” is a “Horrible thing” is so very true. Dabbling over the last 8 years has given me a width of experience but not the targeted success I’d prefer at this point. Part of the growing experience I suppose. thanks for sharing Jimmy’s article Nicole!

  • Kelly

    Don’t worry – I won’t quit 🙂

    Love Jimmy’s advice! The coaching offer is amazing 🙂

  • Linda

    Great post! I have no intention of quitting. Not after I’ve invested so much of my time into my business. It will happen because I want it to! 🙂

  • Kim Phoenix

    This was a helpful post. I can get very distracted by all the new offers that come into my inbox. I have removed my name off some lists in order to minimize this. I have products that I have purchased that I still haven’t even reviewed! Just thinking about it gets me distracted. 🙂 Now, when offers come, I try to figure out whether they are something I can use right now without having to learn or start something totally new. If the answer is “no,” then I move on. So I’ve gotten better at sticking with things. I’ll now need to work at systemizing my business more. Thanks again!

  • Christine Brady

    Hi Nicole and Jimmy,

    What an excellent reminder of what’s really important in business.

    Time to take a closer look at my business systems to streamline more and do less busy work.



  • Heidi

    Very helpful post. Thanks for giving us a simple plan to follow. I’m still trying to get the traffic up so that I can follow the simple plan you laid out. I won’t quit, but my system won’t work without traffic.

  • Patricia Weber

    Great great great. I’m going back to the streamline piece before I systematize. I am sticking to it however I think – I’ve got too many tactics, tools and actions.

    Great post.

  • Kevin Ocasio

    Thank you, Nicole, for sharing such a great post from a legendary Internet Marketer!

  • vernon

    I like every thing that i have been reading and learning and looking to the future for
    more good articles.

    I have a question and that is i never see any one start teaching the internet right down at the bottom rung of the ladder and what i am saying is this.
    1. How do i get article off of my computer and to internet?
    2. How do i go about getting customers there products if i have very many orders?
    3. Where do i get an order form, sign up form and different payment methods?
    4. These things i always thought should be address at beginning but maybe i am wrong. These things bug me.

  • Kathy Henderson-Sturtz

    Hate to admit that every though I “knew” better, and coached clients out of the habit, my habitual curiosity still gets in my own way sometimes. Now I stick to just 3 or 4 methods that have consistently produced the results I wanted.

    – And to keep my habitual curiosity beast fed, I allow an experimental period with another method from time to time.
    — RESULT – I’m less stressed. More productive. More profitable. Yeah!

    Thanks for a great article. Came at a time when I needed reminding to stick with what’s working!

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