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Essential WordPress Plugins for Bloggers

I was playing this week on As you're about to see…

I started by creating a list of the Best WordPress Plugins for Bloggers.

I started with the WordPress plugin that I use. Did I miss any really good ones? If so, let me know.

Vote for your favorites! Each link is clickable, as well.

[listly id=”1m8″ theme=”light” layout=”full” numbered=”yes” image=”yes” items=”all”]

Interactive lists make for fun posts. Let's see if I'm right.

Talk to me, please.

1. Are you using in your business?
2. Did I miss any cool plugins that I must check out?

Thank you in advance!

Nicole Dean

PS. Speaking of plugins, I have news on two fronts.

1. Two of the plugins on the list above are included if you choose to buy to Revive your Blog.

2. I just upgraded my Comment Luv – so you can choose which of your blog posts you would like to feature when leaving a comment. I hope you enjoy the luv!

I appreciate shares and I adore comments! Please share your thoughts.

  • Kater

    Oh my goodness. I was just wondering how people got those little pop-ups on their blogs. I like yours because it’s not so “in your face” down in the corner. These plug-ins are great recommendations Nicole and not the usual ones I see.

    I did a post about a nice affliliate link cloaking plugin. It’s easy and reliable. The link is below in the Comment Luv link.

    I was just getting ready to create a post about broken link checker, but I think I’ll just send my readers over here.

    Thanks for the post!

  • Shannon Smith

    I tend to be a plugin addict. You are not helping my problem. Squee!

  • Denise Wakeman

    Love! Been using it for a few weeks. I’m interviewing Nick Kellet, the founder of next week.

    • Nicole

      Thanks for commenting Denise – and for adding a couple of other plugins to my list. πŸ™‚

      Hope all is going great in business and your new venture at TFOI.

      Talk soon,

  • Lisa Marie Mary

    I have been, just today, fixing up my blogs and hunting down plugins. Perfect timing! πŸ˜‰

    Listly sounds interesting, too!

    • Nicole

      Me, too, Lisa. I’ll be reviewing a few of the plugins above, too, as time permits – and a few new ones that I’m playing with … if I like them. πŸ™‚

      I appreciate you!

  • Gregg Zban

    Very helpful post! Thanks Nicole! I already put Sharebar on a lot of my sites and will probably mess with some other plugins too.

  • Lise

    Hey Nicole,

    I think your list of plugins is just great and really useful. I have only one website and want to start another and a blog very shortly. One I would not do without is Akismet to protect blog from comment and trackback spam. Also WPTouch formats site for mobile theme. As for the rest, you more than cover them in your list. P.S. Isn’t Covert Messenger fun!! Thanks for your excellent post, Lise

  • Lise

    Your Tweet button is not registering clicks…

  • Melody - Business

    This kind of list is invaluable, thank you! There are so many plugins out there and so many things can go wrong with each of them. It’s nice to hear from those who are using some of them successfully. Even the ratings are of little use for evolving considerations like compatibility.

  • Shelley Webb

    Thanks, Nicole, for the great list. I have a few of these but not all.

    I was wondering if you had an opinion about how many plug-ins would be TOO many. I have been accused of being plug-in crazed. πŸ™‚


  • Annetta Powell

    I landed here when I was doing a twitter search on the WP plugin. I am trying to figure out best ways to use this plugin.

  • Mark Conger

    I have not yet used, but will check it out. If Nicole uses it, hey, I gotta look at it, right? πŸ™‚

    Regarding plugins, I have one to add and two cautions:

    Quick Page/Post Redirect Plugin:
    If you’ve been running a website for a while, you will at some point be tempted to move or delete certain content. If you do a site refresh it may be required to change things around. But, the links that Google displays don’t often catch up right away and can cause “404 page not found” when people click on a search result, and they’re unlikely to stay on your site long if that happens. So, a plugin I use to create redirects is “Quick Page/Post Redirect Plugin” which allows you to quickly create links that don’t actually exist on your site and point them to pages that do exist. It’s also great if you are converting a non-WordPress site to WordPress because you can take all those links and make sure they still work after WordPress goes live.

    Caution 1. Do not add any plugin to your site without testing for conflicts first. Some plugins step on or break others, and playing with your live site is not the place to discover something got broken. Instead, and I always recommend this to any WordPress site owner, have a development site where you can test and play. It can be a real site that you or your webmaster sets up, or it can be something on your local computer (Server Press is what I use) where nobody but you can see it. I actually do both, but I’m a tech geek.

    Caution 2. Too many security plugins is a bad thing. One “do it all” plugin can overwrite or negate functionality of another. I use a combo of Better WP Security and Antivirus.

    Wow, I didn’t mean to write a blog post here! Hopefully it will help someone, though.

    • Mark Conger

      Forgot to mention another very important plugin I use:

      PC Hide Pages

      If you need to keep a page(s) from being found by Google, such as a special page for subscribers eyes only, free giveaways that you don’t want found without you sharing the link offline, etc.

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