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Expert Pets: Alice Seba

Welcome back to Expert Pets.

Last week, we started this series where Marketers share their pets. 🙂

Today, we have Alice Seba on deck to share her furry friends with us.

Show Me Your Pets!

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Alice Seba of Step-by-Step PLR Bundles with Photos and Screenshots says:

Our pups (Honey and Scout) bring so much joy to this family and we now can't imagine life without them.

They are kind of spoiled though. Since my husband and I are both at home, they are rarely left alone and get near-constant human companionship. Even when they are alone for brief periods of time, they are such great friends that simply snuggle together until we come home.


Honey is a Schnauzer / Yorkie cross. She is the sweetest little girl who will look you in the eyes and totally make you melt. She is 5 years old is a great exercise companion. We do a lot of walks and snowshoeing together…well, only I wear the snowshoes. She goes barefoot.

Scout is a Bichon-Frise / Havanese cross. We call her our teddy bear and that's exactly what she is. She is 4 years old and is very tolerant with the kids. She will gladly be your pillow or snuggle companion anytime.

UPDATE: Halloween Pics!

This is cool. Check out Alice’s Step-by-Step PLR Bundles with Photos and Screenshots

I hope you’re enjoying seeing our babies! I sure am.

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Have a wonderful day!!!


Nicole Dean

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