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Expert Pets: Kristen Eckstein & Nancy Marmolejo

Welcome back to Expert Pets.

Last week, we started this series where Marketers share their pets. :) You can see the ones we've covered so far here:

Today, we have Nancy Marmolejo & Kristen Eckstein on deck to share their furry friends with us.

Ladies, Show Us Your Pets!

Be sure to comment so they feel the love.


Nancy Marmolejo of Viva Visibility Blog says:

My business couldn't run without ample amounts of orange cat fur collecting on my lap. That is the great contribution of my amazing feline, Orange Kitty.

He has his own Facebook Page (please LIKE him!)

He's mentioned in the last line of my official bio:

And his story is poignantly told here from the eyes of his favorite human, my 9 year old daughter…

Check out Nancy's Audio Series – The Wild Idea that Took Off

Kristen Eckstein of Finish Writing Your Book Fast: Book Writing for Procrastinators says:

My self-proclaimed office mascot is a four-legged feline named Isabella (Izzy for short). She's a beautiful prima donna who owns and manages our entire household – the world really does revolve around her. In fact, she thought she was so special, she got herself a Facebook page where she can complain and obtain pity from her doting fans –>

She goes by many aliases: Isabella Butt-Fuzz, Fuzzy Butt, Muffin, Izzy, Fuzzy Buckets and Isabella You're-a-Butt Eckstein when she's been up on the counters or the loft half-wall.

Her younger brother Plummet C. Turtle is a red-eared slider living in the lap of luxury in a 55-gallon turtle paradise that recently got a nice remodel. It consists of a filter waterfall, deep diving areas, sticks for climbing and more. His middle initial doesn't stand for anything… I really want a pet sea turtle, but they're an endangered species, so keeping them as pets is illegal (not to mention a little hard to keep a 200-lb young sea turtle in a suburban home), Plummet has given me permission to imagine that he's a sea turtle. 😉

The youngest is a betta named Quid who keeps me company in my office. He enjoys living in a little one-gallon tank featuring a fake plant and some rubble from the lost city of Atlantis. His tank is branded to the blue and green colors of my company logo. (Hey, it's all about branding, right?)

If I had my way, I'd run an unofficial zoo. However, with the amount that I travel and the maintenance animals require, I can only keep a few. But on my wish list someday are a Golden Retriever (a Goldendoodle would rock!), Maltese puppy, box turtle (also with the middle initial C.), horse, dolphin, river otter, teddy-bear hamster, salt water fish tank complete with Nemo and Marlin, and of course, I'd love a sea turtle. If you know of any for adoption that won't grow beyond 6 inches, let me know!

Check out Kristen's Book on Amazon! 21 Ways to Write & Publish Your Non-Fiction Book

I hope you’re enjoying seeing our babies! I sure am.

Be sure to give a shout out to Nancy & Kristen to thank them for stopping by.

Coming up on tomorrow, you’ll see more. Make sure you’re signed up for updates so you don’t miss a thing.

Have a wonderful day!!!


Nicole Dean

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  • Kelly

    You all are making me want a cat… obviously I’d be more productive and creative, right?

    I haven’t had a kitty of my own in years and I do miss it 🙂

  • Nancy Marmolejo

    Orange Kitty is so happy to see his lovely face in the same post as his never-ending crush, Isabella! He keeps making the moves on her via Facebook but oh is she playing hard to get!

    One day she will succumb to his charms, but in the meantime the pursuit is quite thrilling.

    Thanks Nicole for being a friend to the four-leggeds!

    • Nicole

      That is so cute. Orange Kitty, you hound dog, you! lol. 😀

    • Kristen Eckstein

      Oh Orange Kitty, Isabella saw your video and was impressed… then swished her tail and pranced away to the bed chamber where she’s now napping in luxury. So sorry! 🙁 I’ll keep working on her for you. I think she’s jealous I didn’t make such a cool video for her! Such a prima donna… 🙂

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