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There's no way I could possibly quantify what Nicole's coaching has meant to me over all these years. I just don't know. I suspect in terms of ROI it's VERY impressive! What I do know, though, is that Nicole is an excellent coach. She's kind, compassionate, she listens… she has no agenda other than to help you build a thriving business that you love. She knows how to be successful in business. What makes her unique, though, is her willingness to REALLY understand her clients so that she can help them break through barriers. One question from Nicole literally changed my life and a roadblock/OCD behaviour I had almost my entire life. It was seriously affecting my life and business. It's now gone still, some three or so years later! If you have the opportunity… run, don't walk, to hire Nicole Dean! Heck she was my coach three times and given the chance I'd probably hire her a dozen plus more, too!