Thanks for your Feedback!

Thanks so much for your input. Here are some answers to my most frequently asked questions…

Where Can I buy your courses?

Right  here: Nicole Dean's courses.

Where can I sign up for your affiliate program?

Right here: Nicole Dean's affiliate center.

Nicole, where can I meet you in person?

I will be at NAMS in August of this upcoming year. (I would love it if you'd join me: Click to learn about NAMS)

I do not have anything else firm on my schedule at the moment.

Which tools do you personally use in your business?

I've listed most of the tools that I use in my business on this page: Essential Tools for an Online Business

Do you have a recommendation for a Virtual Assistant/Ghostwriter/Web Designer?

I do not at this time. Everyone I've recommended is now full. However, you can go to and you'll find plenty of qualified people to help you.

I have a website or blog, but need more traffic? What can I do?

I offer a free Web Traffic course at It's very easy to follow.

You talk about an ezine. Do I need one?

If you're growing an online business, then yes, you do. The service I use (and recommend) is this autoresponder. Just please don't send an ezine from your own home computer. Use a service like the one above to avoid paying fines for not following the SPAM laws. There are other services available, but I've been using this one for 2 years and love it, so it's the one I recommend.

I'm stuck and need help. Do you offer coaching or recommend anyone?

I haven't had time lately to do much personal coaching, unfortunately, although I love it. I specialize in helping intermediate marketers to go to the next level and high level marketers to streamline their business – and to implement an affiliate program. My rates aren't cheap and it's by application only.

If you're a work at home mom just getting  started, I recommend that you check out as an option. That way you'd have many mentors and experienced work at home moms to talk with and ask questions on an ongoing basis.

Thank you so much,

Nicole Dean