Learn More from Me

My help desk is getting swamped with the same question “How and Where Can I Learn More from Nicole”.

It's embarrassing, but I just haven't put all of my products in one handy dandy place. And, my help desk staff has threatened me with wet willies until I do so. (I hate wet willies.)

So, here are several of my favorite and most popular courses in one place.

Blog CPR: Revive your Lifeless Blog with Fresh Content

Blogging is profitable, but the hard part is coming up with ideas for new content… and then writing it. If you're not careful, weeks and then months can sneak by and you find that you've lost your blogging mojo completely.

Not any more! My course Blog CPR teaches you how to create awesome content – without writing your fingers to the bone.

Check it out here: How Do I Revive my Lifeless Blog?


EasyPLR: Top Quality Content for Bloggers Since 2006

Not a writer? No problem. You can still have a make money with a content website. Once your website is set up, all you need are some private label rights (PLR) articles.

You simply purchase these PLR articles, and then edit them and publish them on your website or blog. There’s no linking back to anyone. Just publish them and monetize them with ads and you’re set.

Check it out here: Show Me the Content!