Problem: Not Enough Sales

Thank you so much for taking the time to share your biggest problem with Kindle Publishing Profits.

Not having enough sales can be a really big issue.

You put up your book and think “Yay! Now Amazon can sell it for me.” and while that's true – it's also your job to make sales.

The awesome thing is, though, that once you get momentum, Amazon markets your book like crazy FOR YOU. They'll even promote you to their lists. But, you have to get the ball rolling first.

I have two recommendations for you, depending on what interests you the most.

1. 61 Ways to Sell More Non-Fiction Kindle Books.

I loved this book and it's super cheap, too:

61 Ways to Sell More Nonfiction Kindle Books

2. Get More Amazon Search Traffic.

Also, one of the ways you can boost your sales is by getting your book ranked higher on Amazon for searches. So that, when people type in search terms like “low carb for new moms” – your book shows up first, instead of being hidden pages back where it is never viewed.

The course I recommend if that interests you is this one -> Page One Profits


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