Problem: Not a Writer

Thank you so much for taking the time to share your biggest problem with Kindle Publishing Profits.

You're not comfortable writing?

If you're not a writer, it can seem impossible to leverage Amazon's Kindle marketplace in your business.

However, there are ways around this.

A few that have worked successfully are:

1. Hire a Writer

If you're an expert (say a Chiropractor or a Marathon runner) – you don't have to write your book yourself… Hire someone else.

2. Get contributors

In my book “Expert Briefs, Blogging for Profit” – I had several of my peers contribute to the book so I only needed to write about half of the book myself. Here's how I did it.

3. Record an Audio and Have it Transcribed

This method is so easy. Just come up with chapter titles, record yourself talking about each section, then have your audio transcribed. Afterwards, either edit it yourself or hire an editor. Voila! You're published.


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