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HOW do I turn the Word Document that I’ve written into a Kindle book?

You have a few options available to you, depending on your niche.

If your kindle book is pretty simple…

If your book is mostly text and you are in an industry that isn’t visually picky you can use a tool to do this yourself.


Here’s the tool that I use:
How to Format Your Kindle Book in Under 3 Minutes

However, I would only recommend this if you are NOT in a niche that’s super picky visually, like if you are in the photography or scrapbooking industry. The tool works great for other niches, though, like diets, business, parenting, cooking, etc.

If you need more advanced help –

You can hire someone to format the book by hand.

There are people onFiverr(which can be hit or miss) and there are others who specialize in this.

The person I hired to lay out my Expert Briefs book professionally wasKristen Eckstein. Because it was going to be my flagship book, I wanted it to be professional looking inside. And, it is.

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