How I Manage my Passwords

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These mini-videos give you a glimpse inside my day-to-day activities – and show you my secrets for how I get so much done in my business.

Do you feel inefficient when you –

Waste time trying to find log in info for your many online accounts? (WHERE ON EARTH DID I PUT THAT?)

Try to recover your password (since you forgot it) — and panic when the program asks for your user id – because you don't KNOW it? (PANIC! WHAT NOW?)

Sign up for an affiliate program and have to find and type in your business address… again? (UG!)

If so, you'll love this very short video where I share a tool that I use every day in my business.

If this tool looks like something that can help you in your business, here's the link to try it free…

Click Here to try Roboform Free!

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