Shortcut #4: Save the Planet & Save Time.

Shortcut #4: Save the Planet and Your Sanity

If you haven’t guessed from my “About Me” page, I’m a bit of a modern-day hippie. I grow my own herbs for cooking. I use essential oils. I do yoga every chance I get. I even make my own homemade granola. 😉

And, like any good modern-day hippie, I recycle. Not just my Amazon Prime boxes, but my content, too.

My policy is this. If it came out of my head, it’s good stuff. The internet is a HUGE place and people are busy. So, by posting something on my blog, if I truly believe that it can help people, I OWE THEM to give them multiple opportunities and ways to consume that content.

I hope you feel the same. In fact, bits of this series that you’re reading right now came from my blog and other pieces came from a report that I wrote years ago. Although I thought I was going to reuse more, I ended up sitting down and pouring out the rest with a spark of inspiration.

But now that I’ve written this, do you think I might use it in a few more ways? It’s useful, I sure hope. It’s valuable. It’s good stuff that can help people.

Heck yeah, I’m going to find ways to use it again. And, I challenge you to do the same with things that you create.

How? Well, I’m so glad you asked.

Every email you write, when you hit send, ask yourself if it can be used again.

Many of my emails that I send to my lists contain stories and fun anecdotes and great lessons. If the promotion that goes along with the email is evergreen (or I can replace it with one that is), I’ll either copy it over to my blog and put it in drafts, or I’ll copy it into my autoresponders so that all the new people who find me will see it in their follow-ups.

What about reports such as this blog post came from? They can be reused in many ways. I could use this series as a draft for a book and publish it on Amazon. I could expand each section into its own report, teach more in depth and sell it as training. I could take one section, dig deeper, add an interview and have a great bonus for a giveaway.

So many options. So much goodness.

Why do the work and only benefit from it once? Remember this is about not only shortcuts but what you can DO with the time that you free up. If recycling this series allows me to whip together an awesome freebie for a giveaway and I can join it in 1 hour of time rather than 3 hours, I just earned back 2 hours of my LIFE. What is that worth to me?

If you’re not recycling your content – please start. It is definitely the easiest way to create your first or next product, whip together an exciting viral freebie, write your book, or get in front of new people.

Why do it the hard way when you’ve already done most of the work and it’s sitting on your hard drive already?

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Go do awesome stuff.


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