Shortcut #3: Shhhh… It’s a Secret.

Shortcut #3: Shhhh… This is a Secret Shortcut

There’s a secret that a lot of Experts, Coaches, and Mentors use. Possibly yours even?

It’s called “Done-for-You” Content.

Basically, let’s say that you wanted to teach about Vision Boards. Maybe host a webinar and then sell a four week training where you walk people through how to dream big in all areas of their lives. And, maybe even if that goes well, you want to host Vision Board Workshops around your area.

The problem is, that you need to create everything from scratch.

OR do you?

Instead, you can get a “Done-for-You” Vision Board Workshop and use it as your starting point to create whatever YOU want.

Rather than spending 3 or 6 months trying to reinvent the wheel, you can spend 30 seconds buying and downloading a starting point that you can use to create your own Vision Board training in a few days.

You can learn more here:

But basically, you can use this type of content for everything from blog posts to webinars to letters you can send to your clients to entire workshops.

And, if you’re not in the business niche, it’s ok. There’s Done-for-You content in most niches, including health and wellness, finance, personal improvement and so many more.

If you’re interested in this, you’re in the right place. Stay tuned and I’ll share my favorite places to find this type of content – OR if you want to know now some of my favorites, they are right here.

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