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Help me to Show You Off!

By participating in Expert Briefs, I ask that you please help to spread the word about the posts that you're in via social media and/or PSing to your lists.

When you send me content for Expert Briefs, I agree to credit you for the content you send me, and you agree that I can reuse that content for any purpose (again, with attribution to you). Your content might show up in an email, blog post, podcast, book, twitter, facebook or wherever – because I am awesome at repurposing. This translates to lots of opportunities for your name to get in front of new people!

By sending your Expert Briefs content to me, you agree that

(1) you are contributing your work
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* Note: You own your own content, of course, and can also use it in any way without asking me.

Thanks so much for your interest. I look forward to getting a lot of exposure together!