My Big Lists of Resources

I love creating big lists of resources, just for you!

Here is my growing list of resources.

The Ever-Expanding List of CommentLuv Enabled Blogs – In this post, I share business blogs, travel blogs, health blogs, mom blogs, and personal development blogs where you can comment and get extra exposure to your site.

The Big List of Tools that I Use in My Business – This post is a compilation of most of the tools that I use in my business. I update it frequently (and remove tools that I no longer use).

Where to Get Quality Niche PLR Content – This post lists the best places that I've found to get PLR content to use to start blog posts, draft ebooks, or create lead generation reports.

What I Spend Money On in My Online Business – In this list, I share where I invest in my own business.

Podcasts for Online Entreprenurs – A crowdsourced list of favorite podcasts for Online Business owners.

Recommended Books List – Books for Online Business owners.

Weird & Crazy Niches – Yes, I have a blast finding bizarre niches and posting about them. Enjoy!