What Would You Like Me to Ask Me or My Smart Friends?

I'm pretty freaking awesome (as I know are you, too) but one thing I do NOT have in my superpowers is the ability to read your mind. I need your help.

I would love to know what your biggest questions are about having an awesomely profitable online business, productivity, passive income, multiple streams of income, growing your lists, blogging, social media exposure, getting your business seen, outsourcing and systems, writing, speaking, webinars, podcasts, etc. etc. etc., etc., etc. etc. Anything related to online business. YOU tell me what you want to know about most.

AND I would also love to help you to awesomize your life (things like travel, staying sane, dealing with pressure, being healthier, having time for romance and sexy time with your spouse when you're an entrepreneur, raising smart and happy kiddos, balance, finding time for yourself, and more).

AND, let's not forget awesomizing the world (through being you and through your business, too).

So ask me anything! Seriously, nothing is off limits. I can't wait to dig in.

What are your questions?

Obviously I can't guarantee to answer every question, but I will read them all and will answer a bunch. 🙂

Thanks so much.